Camping Lake Caspe, Zaragoza, Saturday 23rd July 2016

Lake Caspe, Mar de Aragón

After the frustration of not being able to find a dentist who could see Adonis at short notice either in Parentis-en-Born or Mimizan, we made the decision to move on to San Sebastián, where we spent two days at Camping Igueldo.

But before that, I must mention our memorable meal out at the Lakeside Hotel and Restaurant in Parentis-en-Born, only round the corner from the motorhome aire.  The restaurant is lovely and the staff very friendly, which helped with what happened next. We sat outside in the pleasant warmth of the evening and ordered our aperitifs of Pernod for Adonis and Kir for me, but when the waitress arrived with the tray and reached out to put my drink on the table, she accidentally knocked the Pernod over on the tray and its contents spilled squarelly on Adonis’s shirt and shorts.  She was most apologetic as poor Adonis stood up totally soaked, dripping and stinking of Pernod, to wash it all off in the toilets.  I did suggest to him to go back to the motorhome to get changed, as it wasn’t far at all, but he decided to spend the rest of the evening in wet and higly perfumed clothes!  Thank goodness it was a hot day!!! 

The rest of the meal developed without further incidents or accidents and we really enjoyed our meal of lamb cutlets and homemade chips for Adonis and grilled salmon and salad for me.  They were also offering a mixed grill platter for only €6, but it looked far too big for us.  Nevertheless, it was nice to see the young cook grilling all the meat outside and it looked like great value for money if you have a big appetite.

Our pitch at Camping Igueldo

The drive to San Sebastián went smoothly until the approach to the toll barrier at the Spanish border, which was very slow, and we crawled along for about 40 minutes.  We finally made it to Igueldo at about 1.30 p.m. and checking in was easy and efficient.  I asked if they could recommend a dentist who could see Adonis urgently and the nice and friendly young lad at reception gave me a number, which I phoned straight away and succeeded in making an appointment for the following morning.

Playa de La Concha, San Sebastián

That first evening we took the bus Number 16 into San Sebastián for only €1.70 each and enjoyed a walk along the seafront after getting our bearings and finding the dentist, so we would know where to go the following morning.  We also enjoyed a stroll through the old city streets as well as a couple of tapas for myself, as Adonis didn’t feel like eating very much due to his toothache.  I really can’t think of a worse place to lose your appetite than San Sebastián, for it is supposed to be the culinary centre of Spain and its tapas and wonderful atmosphere in the streets are second to none: simply superb!

Plaza Mayor in San Sebastián

The next morning we took the bus again and headed straight for the dentist, who saw Adonis straight away after a simple registration.  He was in the surgery for less than 10 minutes, having been given a tooth filling and some antibiotics to fight the infection that was beginning to take place.
Feeling much happier now, we walked back to the seafront to enjoy the views and take some photographs, followed by a tapas lunch before returning to the campsite for Beano’s walk.

Typical tapas bar in San Sebastián


We repeated the trip in the evening and the journey turned a bit dramatic when a van came too close to the bus and smashed a back window with its rear side mirror.  This caused some delay while drivers exchanged insurance details, but even this was done rather quickly and the journey continued as normal.

The Marina at San Sebastián

Adonis made up for lost time eating as many tapas as he could manage, washed down with a couple of glasses of the Chacolí (or Txakoli) local wine, and we both enjoyed a lovely evening, ending with a brass band providing free entertainment with jolly music in one of the squares in the city centre.

I love this sculpture of Don Quijote and Sancho Panza: the ultimate Spanish adventurers and travellers

The weather took a turn for the worst on Friday morning, so we decided to head for Zaragoza, where it looked hot and sunny.  The road was fairly empty and the going was easy, but on arriving at the city campsite, we were told by a very sharp and almost rude guard standing outside that the camping was full due to a festival taking place.  It was already 2 o’clock and very hot, so we weren’t very pleased by this news and unfriendly welcome, but there was nothing we could do about it apart from driving on and, being mainly desert land, we had to come all the way to Caspe campsite, which is like an oasis in the middle of nowhere and very good it is too.

Plenty of shade and generous pitches at Camping Lake Caspe

Large pool surrounded by plenty of shade at Camping Lake Caspe

The site is beautiful and we have a very spacious pitch (208) with lots of shade, much needed here; in fact, the whole site is an avenue of mixed trees, with some walnuts, pine and palm trees, that we recognise.  The facilities are modern and very clean and the shower cublicles are large and spotless.  Lake Caspe (Aragón Sea or Mar de Aragón) is only a couple of minutes’ walk and the water is refreshing, but not cold.  There is also a large swimming pool surrounded by a shady area, all very well maintained and pleasant as well as a large, covered BBQ area.  We are loving it here and might stay for a few more days, as Adonis has just got his fishing licence…

Pretty palm tree grove and walk leading from campsite to Lake Caspe

Jetty and swimming area at Lake Caspe

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