Camping Octogesa, Mequiñenza, Zaragoza, Sunday 31st July 2016

I can’t think of a better place for Adonis’s passion

In the end we stayed for a whole week at Lake Caspe as it was just perfect for us and we couldn’t find a reason to move; what with the lake, the fishing, the swimming pool, the shop, the restaurant and so much shade, what’s not to like?  It was also rather quiet despite all the young families from all over the place and we couldn’t have loved it more.

We had a lovely meal at the restaurant on Adonis’s birthday last Sunday at the ridiculous price of €12 for a 3-course meal to include wine, water and coffee.  I loved my starter of melon with jamón serrano (2 big slices of melon each covered with 2 rashers of ham) and the grilled turkey cutlets served with chips.  Adonis had the Fideoa with seafood for starters followed by grilled squid, which he also enjoyed very much, and my dessert of coffee flan was simply delicious.

The immaculate reception and washing/shower block area at Camping Octogesa
A pleasant walk along the river in Mequiñenza

We left Lake Caspe on Friday morning and had to go all the way to Fraga in Huesca to do our shopping at Simply Supermarket before driving back to Mequiñenza, the European fishing capital for carp and catfish, which also proved to be a very friendly and convenient small campsite with excellent modern and immaculate facilities, two huge swimming pools with lots of shade around and a bar and right on the bank of the confluence of the rivers Ebro, Segre and Cinca, a fishing paradise for Adonis and lots of other keen fishermen and a brilliant relaxing site for me.  There are several restaurants, bars and shops nearby and a pinetree park to walk Beano in the shade by the river.

One of the large swimming pools at Camping Octogesa

Shady and relaxing area by the two large swimming pools

Lovely and shady pinetree walk along the river in Mequiñenza

Main street at Mequiñenza along the river

Again, we came here thinking we were only going to stay a couple of days, but we are stretching that a bit further, probably till Tuesday, when we are hoping to head for the Delta del Ebro before heading north back to France.

Attractive fountain on main street in Mequiñenza

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