La Coruña’s Port, Galicia, Spain

The Marina and Ciudad de Cristal (Crystal City)

Last month, quite unexpectedly, I found myself on my way to La Coruña, the beautiful and quaint town in north west Spain where I grew up, in order to renew my passport, as the Spanish Consulate in London couldn’t cope with the demands of its citizens in the UK and it would have taken more than 4 months for me to get my hands on a new and much needed passport.  I was told by the clerks in London that it would be quicker to come to Spain and, of course, I didn’t need telling twice.

The visiting cruise that ‘called’ me to come down whilst having breakfast

Although initially I was greatly irritated by this inconvenience and extra expense, I have always been the one to look on the bright side of life and circumstances I find myself in and decided to make the most of this unexpected, but ultimately welcome trip.  So off I flew to the place I still call ‘hometown’, as most of my immediate family are still here, in order to get my new passport and enjoy a few days with the family.

The passenger reception and welcome area

Last time I was here in February 2015, I didn’t have the chance to visit and stroll along my favourite part of town, the port, as new underground parking facilities were being built and the whole area was fenced off.  You can imagine my delight, then, when on a beautiful Wednesday morning, after having handed in all my documents to the local police station the day before to renew my passport and waiting for said document to be issued on Thursday, I found the area completely renovated and accessible to the public again. I really felt that all my troubles and tribulations had been worth it and I couldn’t have been happier walking along this picture perfect spot.

La Virgen del Carmen, Patron Saint of Sailors. Very fitting for La Coruña

La coruña’s moto is “the city where no-one is a foreigner”.  I have always loved this, my passion being travelling and I like to feel I am welcome wherever I go.  It was quite fitting, then, that while I was having breakfast on Wenesday morning, I heard the horn of a visiting cruise and I felt very strongly that it was calling me, solidly for my benefit. And so it was that I found myself compelled to find the cruise and enjoy the sights of the Marina.

This glorious site welcomed me to the port

I leave you now with some of the many photos I took during my walk (it wasn’t easy to choose).  I hope you’ll like it as much as I do.

I found this beautiful: a live starfish on the port’s promenade. I couldn’t resist!
Modern sculptures by local artists
Modern sculptures by local artists and Ciudad de Cristal
The contributing artists to the sculpture project
The promenade leading to El Castillo de San Antón, a former prison and a museum today

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