Blois Royal Château, Cher-et-Loir, Sunday 30th October 2016

After leaving charming Véretz, another short drive followed on Sunday, this time to Blois, where we parked in the aire near the Château Royal, our main purpose for coming here.  We arrived early and headed straight for the Château, where there was a bit of a queue to get in, being a Sunday and school holidays and obviously a popular cultural visit for families.  But the wait was definitely worth it and we certainly enjoyed our visit to this most charming castle with its four different architectural and artistic periods, from Gothic to French Classical.  As always, we were fascinated by the decor, the paintings, the Gargoyles, ceramics and, most of all, the history of the place, full of intrigues, betrayal and even murder: pure drama!

Wonderful Intricate stone carvings above entrance to Château
The Flamboyant wing of Blois château (1498-1501)
Exquisite staircase on the Renaissance wing (1515-1520)
One of many beautiful ceramic urns that caught my eye.
Lovely midday sun over château
Blois from opposite side of river Loire

On coming out of our visit to the Château, we were greeted by a magical and totally unexpected surprise consisting of 6 dragon heads, claws and tail popping out of the windows on the building opposite, La Maison de la Magie, a lovely show of animatronics to enchant children of all ages, including mine: an absolute delight!

Magical dragon show on Maison de la Magie

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