Stella-Plage, Pas de Calais, Wednesday 2nd November 2016

View of motorhome aire at Stella-Plage from top of magnificent dunes

On Monday 31st October we headed north again on D924 to Marboué, north of Châteaudun, which we have visited several times in the past, but this time we only stopped briefly for coffee before our final stop for the day at Courville-sur-Eure, west of Chartres.  This is another gorgeous and free motorhome aire on the river Eure, with a great walk, all the better for being sunny and warm and, of course, very quiet, except for a few Halloweeners having a bit of fun early in the evening.

Attractive and shady aire at Courville-sur-Eure

Charming walk along the river Eure

It was time then to take Beano to the Vet for his pet passport check again and we did this at Neufchâtel-en-Bray this morning after spending a beautiful sunny day there yesterday.  The Vet was gracious enough to give us a discount as we are frequent users of their services: isn’t that lovely!

Magnificent sand dunes on Stella-Plage

And now we are at Stella-Plage in Pas de Calais about to have lunch and looking forward to to our walk over the san dunes and on the beach this afternoon.  We are parked by the sand dunes and parking is free for motorhomes, but there are no facilities.  Still, the setting is so beautiful, who cares?

Starting the climb over the dunes opposite motorhome aire (in background)

Feeling on top of the world even if it’s only sand dunes!
Nice long and refreshing walk on Stella-Plage
The promise of a stunning sunset on Stella-Plage

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