Baden-Baden, Germany, Tuesday 20th December 2016

We wanted to include a Christmas market in Germany before spending the holidays in Obernai, so we went to Baden-Baden on Tuesday, where we stayed at the aire outside town by the Bier Wurz depot for €12 for the day plus electricity and we arrived there early enough to walk into town following the footpath by the aire. 

Our first glimpse of the Christmas market: just perfect!

Walking down the market lanes admiring the Christmas huts

It took about 40 minutes to make it to the town centre and Christmas market, but it was definitely worth the effort just to see the charming wooden huts and stained-glass windows display made by the local school children: utterly beautiful!  The sun was shining obligingly to allow the effect of the windows to be enjoyed as they should. 

We loved this simple Nativity representation with live donkeys

Beautiful stained-glass windows made by local school children

Hard to choose , but I think this was my favourite

We enjoyed these while having a glass of the local beer in the market before continuing with our strall through the lanes of huts and catching a bus back to base.

Festive lights in Baden-Baden town centre

And how about this Advent Calendar house? How original!

The one thing everyone must have here, of course, is a mug of Gluhwein (mulled wine), which we did in the evening when we returned by bus (€2.40 each) as we wanted to see the Christmas lights and listen to the carols played by a couple of trumpeteers and a pianist among the market stalls, all very civilised and most enjoyable and we are very glad we made the detour before our stay in Obernai.

Getting into the spirit of things listening to beautifully played Christmas carols on trumpet and piano: delightful!

8 thoughts on “Baden-Baden, Germany, Tuesday 20th December 2016

  1. We stayed in Baden Baden during the Christmas season a few years back and really enjoyed the city. The stained glass windows must be a new tradition…it is hard to believe that they were done by school children, they are lovely.

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    1. Baden-Baden is very charming indeed. You should have seen all those windows along that lane in the park: just magnificent! I don’t know if they’ll do it every year or if it is just a one off. Wonderful idea to get the children involved, I think. 💖


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