Obernai, Bas Rhin, Thursday 22nd December 2016

After 6 days on the road, we made it to our final destination at Camping Municipal Le Vallon de l’Ehn yesterday and, just as last year, we are loving it here.  There are quite a few motorhomes and a couple of caravans, but it is really lovely and quiet and nice to see so many travellers making an effort to decorate their houses on wheels with Christmas cheer, just as we have.

Some jolly-looking motorhomes at Le Vallon de l’Ehn Camping, our base for Christmas

We spent the first night, Friday 16th, at the charming aire in Embry and we were the only ones there.  We arrived in the dark, so we only managed to enjoy a quick dog walk before dinner and, as it had been a busy day on the road, we went straight to bed.
On Saturday, we carried on south east past Arras and Cambrai to the beautiful grounds and free aire of Le Nouvion-en-Thierache, Aisne, where we enjoyed another peaceful afternoon and a long walk in the park opposite the Château.
On our way again on Sunday to tried, tested and much loved Stenay, where we parked by the Capitainerie and paid our €9 fee to the very friendly guardianne who comes round morning and evening with the code numbers for the shower blocks and gates.  We had tried the aire at Mouzon earlier, about 12 miles north west, but the water and electricity had been turned off; shame, as it looked very nice.
Attractive Christmas illuminations by canal at Stenay

We love our long walks along the canal at Stenay and the Christmas decorations here are also very pretty, including some festive boats too, making it even more special.

Look at that Santa climbing up the boat: brilliant!

On Monday, we drove to Hombourg Haut, about 30 miles east of Metz, which was adequate for one night stop, if not at all pretty, but at least it was free and close to the German border, for our next destination was a visit to the Christmas market at Baden Baden.
 Yesterday morning, we drove back to France via Strasbourg, where there was a detour due to some road works taking place, but it wasn’t too long a drive, so it didn’t matter too much.  We still got here before noon and after lunch and siesta, we walked into Obernai centre for more Christmas markets and seasonal delights. 

Beautiful and festive Obernai

I simply love this. Isn’t it just marvellous?

It was market day today, so we returned this morning to buy our chicken and vegetables for Christmas Day, as well as some cheese and saucissons for lunch for the next few days.

Obernai is simply beautiful, whatever the season, but it is just stunning this time of year.  Even with the Christmas market moved to the other end of town, there are still an awful lot of shops for all kinds of goodies, as well as a variety of coffee shops and restaurants.  I particularly enjoyed the blankets provided when sitting in the conservatories outside the cafés and I made the most of it today while enjoying a delicious hot chocolate: what a lovely gesture!  

Obernai’s delightful Christmas market, now at the far end of town

Gently strolling around Christmas market in early evening

We’ll be returning tomorrow evening, as we have booked a table at the Taverne Obernaise and we are really looking forward to it.

Promenades en calèche (horse-pulled cart) on offer near Christmas market

6 thoughts on “Obernai, Bas Rhin, Thursday 22nd December 2016

  1. Like I said Obernai is nice, think you have duplicated the first photo? Arras and Cambrai is near my wife’s oldest brother home so been there several times Arras has a nice Christmas market too we have been! Well so much to see and so little time and money lol! Enjoy the route!


  2. I always love this party of Europe. The French Germany border area is wonderful, so easy to cross back and forth between the two countries and their lovely little towns. I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you all the best in this new year. BTW, I’ve had a hard time getting on your blog, I keep getting a 404 Error notice.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Karen. How lovely to see you here and thank you so much for making the effort to find me. I don’t know why that error message keeps coming up, but I hope it is all sorted now. Yes, Alsace is simply gorgeous and we just love the freedom of travelling through Europe without borders, hence the motorhome. We loved our stay in Obernai, just like last year, and we intend to go again. Happy New Year to you both. 💖💖💖

      Liked by 1 person

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