Portiragnes, Herault, 24-27th February 2017

Canal du Midi at Portiragnes

As our half-term break is not long enough to drive far enough south for good weather in our motorhome, this year we flew to Montpellier in order to spend some relaxing and quality time with Adonis’s mum and dad in their beautiful house in Portiragnes.

Starting our walk along the Canal du Midi

We didn’t do much other than take gentle strolls on Portiragnes Plage and along the Canal du Midi, one of the oldest canals in Europe still in operation which links the Atlantic Ocean with the Mediterranean sea, quite an impressive feat of engineering at 241 km long, built during the reign of Louis XIV between 1666 and 1681 under the supervision of Pierre-Paul Riquet.  During the summer, this is an extremely popular path for runners, cyclist, skaters and walkers, but this time of year it is lovely and tranquil: just what the doctor ordered!

The Pyrenees can be seen in background. Border with Spain only 2 hours away!

We also went to see the locks in Vias, where the Canal du Midi crosses the river Libron, another amazing example of good old engineering.

The lock at Vias, crossing the river Libron
More fascinating engineering on the lock at Vias

One of the things I love doing whilst walking on the beach in Portiragnes is collecting seashells for my garden rockery and house and patio plants, as they are very large, pretty and decorative, but I also enjoy the winter landscape with all the logs swept on the deserted beach, or just watching the fishing boats out at sea.

A winter landscape with floatsam and jetsam
A soothing view of the Mediterranean in winter

But best of all, was just sitting in the Saysell ‘ranch’ enjoying family dinners and soaking up the sun in the patio. Because best things in life are simple!

Soaking up the sun and tranquility at the Saysell ‘ranch’ in Portiragnes

12 thoughts on “Portiragnes, Herault, 24-27th February 2017

    1. We are thinkging about buying a barge on the Canal du Midi so that we can be near Peter’s mum and dad and also closer to Spain. We are selling our house later on this year to move permanently to Europe. We will be commuting between France and Spain and maybe Portugal in mid winter! Can’t wait

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      1. That is very nice I am jealous!!! we are looking to from Toulouse to Bordeaux for our retirement early timing by end 2018. all depends on the boys where they will be. we just purchase cheese from the basques here in a salon will be posting tonite. Cheers

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  1. You must have had a lovely visit…do I see a lemon tree there on the patio. I just read your other comment about moving. I’m excited for the two of you and wish you well with selling your home.

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