Preparations for long road trip

Hard at work cleaning motorhome roof

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we haven’t been able to get away this Easter holiday as we have been doing for the last 7 years, so instead, I have gone into a frenzy of spring house and motorhome cleaning, as well as gardening, and I am very proud of the results.
I thought I would share a couple of pictures with my faithful readers and I hope you will bear with me until we are back on the road in the summer. 


Sparkling clean and all ready for departure!

13 thoughts on “Preparations for long road trip

    1. Oh no! How annoying! I use 3 as my mobile provider, which gives me free internet access in many countries in Europe and, of course, at home. Still, only 5 days to go.
      We have family coming over from France and Brazil tomorrow, which makes a nice change! Nobody wants to come to England; I wonder why??? Lol!

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      1. i just read on UK from March 2019 might be imposed visas to travel to UE…yes we have the same with orange but its not them ,just the telephone cable that comes from the main line outside to the house that is damage, it is on the street today so we call again urgent to come in as can be dangerous. Enjoy the family that is always a nice moment, we just have friends from the USA in July. Cheers

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