Letting go

Empty book shelves: the hardest thing of all!

We have finally done it!  After years talking about it, at the end of March both Adonis and I gave our notices at work to end our contracts at the end of the summer term and a few weeks after that we put our house on the market.

We are now free spirits for the next few months and our plan is to travel through Europe as much as we can.  We’ll be starting in France, as always, with our first significant stop in Portiragnes, Hérault, to celebrate Adonis’s birthday with the whole Saysell family and after that it will be Spain, Portugal and, with a bit of luck, Morocco in the new Year.  Then back to Europe to explore new countries and wonders.

For now, we are in the final stages of emptying our house of all our belongings.  We have been doing this for the last 3 or 4 years; some stuff has been sold, some has been given away to friends and our son, some we have donated to charity and some has been thrown away (I think/hope we did our final journey to the local amenity tip this morning).

Empty patio: you can still see the marks where our plant pots used to be.


The hardest thing to part with were our books, that we both accumulated over the years, but these again have found good homes and we feel all the better for it.  I must admit how extremely liberating it is to part with things which are no longer needed and I feel an immense sense of relief that we are taking this huge step forward in our lives.  For the next year or so, we will rely on what we can carry with us in our motorhome and trailer.

Another empty bookcase, now keeping our summer hats for the next few days


So you can expect to hear from our travels very soon again, as we will be on the road once more on Sunday 16th July, this time for a whole year.  So watch this space!

Happy summer to all of you.


4 thoughts on “Letting go

  1. I am so pleased for you. This is what we did almost 3 years ago. It was hard to part with the books. I had soooo many. But it was a good decision. I wish you both all the best in your new life and hope our paths cross at some point. I look forward to the upcoming posts.

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  2. Thank you, Darlene. I will just have to rely on my Kindle from now on. I do hope our paths will cross soon. We are definitely going to eastern and southern Spain in the winter, so I am sure we’ll have a chance to meet.

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