The joy of doing nothing at all



As I grow older and wiser, I am discovering new joys that life has to offer.  More and more often I find myself enjoying the rapture of doing absolutely nothing.  This has become more apparent the last few days as we take a break with the Saysell family in Portiragnes, Hérault.  Truth be told, it is a bit too hot to do any kind of physical exercise other than swimming just to cool down, so I must confess that that is exactly what we’ve done all week: sit by the pool and swim.


Son joined us for family celebrations and relaxation


It has been a lovely week here with the family and an opportunity to celebrate birthdays, wedding anniversaries and recovering from a dreadful illness.  Here is the Saysell gang doing just that: celebrating.  I love the movement and different reactions from all involved in this photo.  I seem to have pressed to button at the right time!


Lots to celebrate. Now, where did that Champagne cork go?


The whole Saysell gang in a celebratory mood


We only have a couple of days left here and then we’ll be on our way again.  We’re planning to go slightly north and higher ground and see what else takes our fancy.

7 thoughts on “The joy of doing nothing at all

  1. So pleased you are enjoying life. I love the family picture around the table!! I also love your lovely yellow dress. Makes me happy just to look at it! Enjoy the next part of your journey. xo

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    1. A lot has happened since that, nearly 8 months ago. We have had many adventures, seen beautiful places in France, Spain and Portugal, survived the worst of winter and are looking forward to going to the north of Europe in late April and May. Thank you for your kind comment.


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