Bédarieux and Lunas, Haut-Languedoc, 3-8th August 2017

Picturesque Château Lunas

Well, Lac de la Raviège at Salvetat-sur-Agout was never meant to be.  We got there early enough, but most good places had already been taken and there were only a couple of steep pitches left with no much space between motorhomes either side, so we decided to carry on and try our luck at Fraisse-sur-Agout a little further to the east, but this was also full, some pitches taken over by cars, frustratingly.  Another quick look at the map and the obvious choice from there was just a few kilometres north in Lac du Laouzas, which was chock-a-block and, getting desperate by now, we also tried the campsite there but, surprise surprise, (yes, you guessed it) it was full too!

All this happened on very windy, narrow and steep roads, which is no fun if you meet 2 massive heavy lorries head on and have to reverse with a trailer on the back.  However, the very skilful lorry drivers managed to get passed us with just some minor reversing on our part (no damage to rear lights this time) and we continued on hellish road towards Olargues, where we tried the Camping Car Park aire, which unfortunately was in full-on sun and thus totally unsuitable this time of year.  We turned around once more and came truly stuck again against 2 motorhomes, one of the also with a trailer, and a WV camper van on our left, plus another motorhome behind us, but luckily, with a bit of shuffling around on all parts, the WV managed to squeeze out of tight spot, where the van in front of us could move to and we all succeeded in getting out of this unwelcome jam without so much as a scratch, except that our brakes stopped working due to the ferocious heat and over use on the steep hills.

Our new try at a small campsite near Lac de Laouzas also proved unsuitable, being as it was overtaken by what looked by gypsies, so we left that too.

Interesting and beautiful Tromp d’oeil murals at Bédarieux

Feeling really annoyed by now, our last hope was the fire at Bédarieux, further east on D908, where we finally arrived just after 2.30pm, 4 1/2 hours after we left Roquebrun!  And we thought it was going to be a quick and easy drive!!!

Fortunately, we found a lovely spot by the shade of a tree and near the river and, hungry, thirsty and overheated, we settled down for a nice cold beer and lunch.

Evening meal preparation at Bédarieux

At wonderful laid-back Bédarieux, we enjoyed a few swims in the river, a couple of beers at a bar in the square and a nice meal at cheap and cheerful Boca Loca restaurant.  On Friday morning we did some shopping and saw posters advertising a hot roast type of dinner and dance that evening, so we thought we might like to return to join the party, which turned out to be very enjoyable and everyone very friendly.  It was amazing to see all the people involved to make the evening a success and we couldn’t but marvel at this major operation and organisation: simply wonderful.  We didn’t join the meal, as it had to be pre-booked, but both enjoyed an energetic dance or two and a good time was had by all.

Hard at work preparing a bean stew
Major street party celebrating a hearty meal, but we could only look
Serving dinner to guests

Due to the Petanque competition, we had to leave the aire by Sunday morning, so at the recommendation of some very helpful and friendly Dutch campers pitched next to us, we set on our way again on Saturday morning, this time heading straight north for Lunas, only 10K or so from Bédarieux.

Much needed shady pitch at Lunas aire

The aire at medieval and beautiful Lunas is also fantastic, in the shade by the river and, as temperatures are still in the mid 30sC, we keep enjoying several swims in the river every day, this time with the aid of a rope to climb down the steep access to the water.  Good job we are fit!

Plan d’eau at gorgeous Lunas
Playing Tarzan and Jane to access river
Tarzan’s turn for a swim

This morning, being a bit cooler, we went for a hike up the hill above the village and took a few pictures from the Panoramic viewpoint, where a statue of the Virgin Mary has been restored after vandalism.  We also saw a very interesting model village that almost looked real from afar, with model people going on about their business.

Panoramic view of Lunas from the hill
Interesting model village on side of the hill at Lunas
Restored statue of Virgin Mary supervising village from above

We did a shop yesterday to see us here for a few days, as we have no intention of moving just yet.

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