Aire de vias, Hérault, Tuesday 15th August 2017

Attractive entrance to Aire de Vias

Nice and relaxing as Lunas was, the weather took a turn for the worse, starting with an evening storm that cooled everything down, with morning temperatures for the next 2 days as low as 16C and, seeing the thick clouds and everyone wearing fleece jackets on Thursday morning, we thought it best to head back for the coast in the hope of more sunshine and a swim in the Mediterranean Sea.

A much easier drive back on the way to Béziers brought us safely back to this little gem of an air at Vias, not far from Portiragnes, and only 7Km away from the beach.  Adonis had ordered the wheel cover for the van that got damaged when levelling blocks shot forward when we were in the Auvergne to be delivered at his parents house in Portiragnes so, having been told it had arrived, he went back to collect it and we managed to replace the old one without too much hassle, so the Hymer is looking as good as new, as we’ve also bought a rear light to replace broken one after incident in Bonny-sur-Loire.  I do hope we are not going to incur any further damage on the poor van, as replacement parts don’t come cheap!

Our spacious pitch at Aire de Vias. So hot, we need net curtains outdoors!


The last 6 days have been hot, very relaxing and enjoyable, part from the loud music coming from the nearby campsite, which holds disco parties every evening till about midnight and it has become rather unpleasant.  This is a pity, as we have a great pitch in a far corner of the aire and it’s very pleasant and roomy, with a water tap and hosepipe only a few metres away and electricity hook-up, all for only €14 a day: a bargain in this part of the world in high season.  The owner is very friendly and laid-back and said we could pay in one go when we leave: that’s trust for you.

Les Voiles Restaurant’s smashing setting on the sand at Portiragnes Plage
Beautiful sunset on the beach and over the mountains


We’ve had a few meals with Peter and Peggy, including a lovely dinner to celebrate their 56th wedding anniversary at Les Voiles Restaurant right on the sand on Portiragnes beach.  The food was excellent and we settled for Pulpo (Octopus) a la Gallega and the biggest king prawns I have ever seen, as well as scallops and cod.  It was all delicious, the service was friendly and efficient and we even enjoyed a beautiful sunset over the mountains, but the evening was somewhat spoilt by the DJ’s choice of music, for it was just a constant drumbeat with no tune whatsoever which didn’t do anything to enhance the customers’ enjoyment and I am afraid to say that we complained about it to the staff.  What shame to ruin such a lovely place and food with such a horrendous noise!  I seriously think management should look into that.

Delicious Pulpo a la gallega
And the biggest king prawns I have ever seen


Apart from the food, we have also enjoyed a couple of cycle rides to Portiragnes Plage and have finally swum in the Mediterranean Sea; about time, after 3 weeks in this area!  We went yesterday afternoon and the beach was heaving with people and other animals, but returned this morning and it was much quieter and pleasant, with loads of room to spread out.

A quiet beach on Portiragnes Plage in the morning


We’ll stay here tomorrow too to do a shop before we leave heading west to Homps and then south to Spain.  We are also hoping to have a final farewell drink with Peter and Peggy before we continue our long journey/adventure on Thursday morning.


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