Riba-Roja d’Ebre, Tarragona, Tuesday 5th September 2017

Tranquil setting for a fishing holiday at Riba-Roja d’Ebre

Our week in Palamós was very tranquil and relaxing, with lots of walks to the beach, swimming, snorkelling and a few drinks in various bars all over town, as well as an early birthday treat for myself at the fabulous Tortilla Mexican Restaurant, as we knew that this week we would be in the back of beyond and might be more difficult to find a suitable venue to celebrate.

An early birthday treat for me at La Tortilla Mexican Restaurant

We were also forced to visit one of the many dental practices in town as Adonis woke up on Saturday morning with an inflammation on his cheek and thought it might be related to the tumour he had just been treated for, but fortunately, it was just a scare and the dentist said it was probably just his gums re-adjusting after the operation he had months ago.

I fell in love with these babies on the quay

We also paid a visit to Palamós Lonja or fish market right on the harbour and bought some clams to prepare a la marinera back in the van. It was also very nice to have a view of the town from the quay for a different perspective.

Gorgeous view of Palamós from the quay

Yesterday morning, we left for a longer drive to Lake Caspe near Zaragoza, where we went last year at the end of July and we had loved it so much we decided to spend at last 2 weeks there so that Adonis could have some quality fishing time and truly unwind. You can imagine our disappointment when we got there and found that, due to the lack of rain over the last year, the water level had dropped so much that it was impossible to do any fishing or swimming in it at all. It was, therefore, with a very heavy heart, that we had to make the decision to leave this morning and head east for the river Ebro, which brought us here late this morning.

The sad-looking dried-up Lake Caspe. This dry land was full to the bream with water last year.
Lake Caspe: Water level too low for fishing, swimming or even sailing. What a shame!

The journey from Lake Caspe to here deserves a tale all of its own, for it was, without a shadow of a doubt, the hardest route we’ve ever undertaken in a motorhome or otherwise in all our travelling years. It didn’t look so hard on the map, but once we took off from Mequiñenza towards Fayón, the road turned into a never-ending succession of stomach-churning hair-pin turns, often with vertigo inducing cliffs on one side, giving the Verdun a run for its money, and up and down we went mile after mile to the top of the hills and back down again 3 times before finally descending onto the valley of the river Ebro a short distance before our destination at Riba-Roja d’Ebre. I was feeling quite dizzy by then and it was a good job I only have very light breakfast or it could have got quite messy. So glad I wasn’t driving!

Hair-pin bends all the way from Mequiñenza to Riba-Roja d’Ebre on our road through the hills.
Near the top of the hills on our way to Riba-Roja d’ebro
Higher and higher we went
And down we went again towards the river Ebro

After enquiring at reception at the campsite, we were very relieved to find out that it was possible to get a Catalunian fishing licence for Adonis and that they would give us a 10% discount if we stayed for a week. A no brainer as far as I’m concerned, so here we are, all set for a week of nothing but fishing and relaxation.

Bating the river Ebro for carp from our little dinghy
All set up for a few days of fishing and chilling
Even Beano is having a great time here. It’s hot out there!

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