Peñíscola, Tuesday 19th September 2017

Peñíscola as seen from top of the castle

Peñíscola has turned out to be a perfect place to stop for a few days, what with the lovely, huge beach an palm trees lined seafront promenade, the castle, the Fiesta and the campsite with a great, refreshing swimming pool and lots of shade for only €11 a night, it is not surprising that this has been our longest stay so far on our road trip, with a total of 9 days: a record for us!

Celebrating the Moors and Christian culture

We thoroughly enjoyed the Moors and Christians Parade last Saturday and it was a joy to see so many local people taking part, wearing sumptuous dresses and outfits and the whole town seemed to be out lining the length of the promenade enjoying the show and the good weather: truly magnificent.

Great backdrop for the riders in the early evening light
Pirates too!
Delighting the crowd!





Some sumptuous outfits to celebrate parade


Great fun for the very young too


Yesterday morning, we finally visited Peñíscola Castle, home to Pope Benedict XIII, or Papa Luna, as he is generally known, from 1411 to 1423, another touristic attraction worth seeing, not just for its historic value with the seat of the Pope based here, but for the Order of the Templars and the Crusaders as well, not to mention the stunning views from the top of the castle: an absolute delight!

Papa Luna, Benedict XIII, presiding over Peñíscola Castle
Reaching the top of the castle, looking north
Some marvellous views from the top overlooking the Mediterranean sea
Lovely gardens
These medieval steps are not for the fainthearted
The bell tower of Nuestra Señora de la Hermitana
Gorgeous lighthouse
Access to the top at the far end (2 people standing by it)
View of port and south beach
South Beach
Overlooking old part of town


The rest of the time, we have continued to enjoy cycle rides and walks along the promenade and swimming in the sea, still so warm.  And those blue skies are simply priceless!

And I leave you with a short video of some young riders on their magnificent horses performing some beautiful steps to the delight of the crowd.  Enjoy!

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