Grao de Castellón, 20th-21st September 2017

Interesting and beautiful sculptures at Grao de Castellón

During our stay at Peñiscola we discovered that our windscreen had developed a crack from top to bottom right in front of Adonis’s field of view and realised, to our dismay, that we couldn’t keep going on the road like this.  After contacting Carglass (Autoglass in the UK), they told us that they did not cover Hymers’ windscreens in Spain or France and that we would have to find a different outfit to repair it.  This, of course, did not improve our mood and a series of subsequent calls were necessary to our Insurance for advice and guidance, but, ultimately, it was our command of the Spanish language that solved the problem by contacting the nearest Hymer dealer, which turned out to be in Gandia, and quite rightly named Caravanas Expo-Gandia.  It took a few calls and emails backwards and forwards to the very friendly and efficient Fanny to get it all sorted, but at least by the next day we had paid for a new windscreen to be ordered from Germany and fitted here in Gandia when it arrived, which meant a 10-day wait.  So here we are, at a wonderful motorhome aire in Daimús, Area Camper Dunes just outside Gandia, waiting for the windscreen to arrive, hopefully tomorrow, and the work to be carried out either Thursday or Friday and then we’ll be on our way down to Benidorm, Alicante and beyond.

Superb, free motorhome aire at Grao de Castellón, right opposite excellent beach
A sight for sore eyes: the magnificent beach at Grao de Castellón

Making the most of a bad situation, we decided to take it easy and risk a short drive south on our way down to Gandia, which brought us to another superb aire at Grao de Castellón, right opposite the excellent beach and next to the Planetarium, which offered free parking for 48 hours, as well as free water, toilets, sinks and emptying facilities.  We really loved our stay there and would have stayed longer if it had been allowed.  However, we took advantage of our unexpected 2-day stay and took the tram to visit the town of Castellón, as well as a long walk along the port and promenade of Grao itself.

Lighthouse at Grao de Castellón
I like the Arabic influence on this building
This is in fact a water fountain, but water was only trickling through
Another unusual water fountain in Grao de Castellón
Childhood memories are made of this!
Mending the all-important fishing nets
And how about this for a striking building façade?
Or this bizarre sculpture outside Planetarium?

Both Castellón de la Plana and Grao de Castellón are very interesting places to visit, very artistic and attractive, and I particularly enjoyed the unusual sculptures everywhere, striking buildings, water fountains and even the benches at Parque de Ribalta, in the heart of Castellón itself, which are beautiful works of Art in their own right.

Monumento La Farola in Plaza de la Independencia, Castello
Gorgeous benches in Parque de Ribalta, Castellón de la Plana



It’s been a wet day today, so I thought it would be a perfect time to update my blog and share some of the lovely sights we have enjoyed the last few days.  I hope you’ll like them too.


A pretty place for a spot of painting by Cathedral de Santa María

6 thoughts on “Grao de Castellón, 20th-21st September 2017

  1. That’s what we thought at the time and we wanted to stay for the Moros y Cristianos Parade and visit Peñíscola Castle anyway. It has also been an opportunity to visit this lovely beach at Gandia, as we were not planning to come here, but to go straight to Alicante and maybe see Benidorm in the process (I have mixed feelings about this). As it happens, we have just been told that we can take the motorhome to be fixed on Thursday morning, so it looks like we’ll be on our way again on Friday!!!

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