Camping Les Catalpas, Fumel, Lot et Garonne, Tuesday 17th October 2017

Setting up for fishing at large pitch by river Lot at Camping Catalpas

Back in France, pitched right by the river Lot at nice and quiet Camping Catalpas, where we’ve been for the last 4 days doing some fishing and very little else, although we did manage a couple of swims with the swans in the refreshing waters of the river, as it is still very hot during the day and we are facing south.  We have reached 29C, not bad for mid October!

After leaving Valencia, we stopped for one night at the very handy and welcome free aire at Grao de Castellón again and on Wednesday, at Camping Vendrell Platja, between Tarragona and Sitges.  We were heading for the aire in nearby Roda de Bará, but the access road to it was blocked with large concrete blocks and, as it was getting towards lunchtime and very hot, we opted for the closest stop available.  As it turned out, we really liked this campsite, as it was 100 m from the beach, our pitch was very spacious and it was almost empty and very peaceful, despite the train track behind it.  It also has a wonderful swimming pool, a restaurant/bar and a supermarket on site, very handy for bread in the morning.  I would have liked to stay longer, but Adonis was keen to move on to France for his fishing, so maybe next time.

Wonderful swimming pool at Camping Vendrell Platja
Pretty promenade and beach Vendrell Platja

We crossed into France on Thursday morning and headed for France Passion site Les Oliviers de la Canterrane, specialising in olive oil, jams, wines and other local products.  We had a very warm welcome by the host and after lunch and a rest, we went to the shop to buy some of their lovely products, which we are still enjoying today, like Terrines de Boudin Noir (black pudding) and Sanglier (wild boar), a jar of pear and caramel jam and extra virgin oil.

Welcoming France Passion site, Les Oliviers de la Canterrane

We also enjoyed a nice walk in the afternoon sun up a hill opposite the farm and were rewarded with some magnificent views of the surrounding land and the Pyrenees in the distance.

About to climb that hill opposite farm
Magnificent views of surrounding land from hill
More fine views from hill with the Pyrenees on the background

Our next destination was going to be the aire at Grisolles, about half way between Toulouse and Montauban, and we did stop there for lunch but, as I was coming back from the village with a baguette, a neighbour came out of his property to trim his hedge and threw the cut branches right outside our habitation door just as we were about to eat.  We put up with the noise and the nuisance thinking it was going to be a quick thing, but we had finished our lunch and he was still going, so, feeling very unwelcome and annoyed by the lack of consideration, we packed everything quickly and kept going further north on the D813 to Moissac, on the river Tarn.

The River Tarn at Moissac
The canal at Moissac (motorhome aire on the right)

Moissac was absolutely lovely and the aire is between the river and the canal, with access to both.  there is a barrier system to get in and costs €6 for a 24-hour period.  We enjoyed a long walk along the river, through the town and back via the canal and liked the place very much, especially looking so pretty with the pink umbrellas hanging in the street to support Breast Cancer Research month (October Rose).

Support for Breast Cancer Research at Moissac
I just loved this!

From Moissac, it was just under 2 hours through the attractive Quercy region to get to Fumel, mainly on D roads, and we were here for lunch, to be greeted by a very friendly hostess who gave us this wonderful pitch by the river.  We have also enjoyed some beautiful sunsets over the other side of the river.

The mill on the other side of Le Lot river
Lovely light in the early evening


We are leaving tomorrow, as there is going to be a change in the weather, heading for the free aire at Casseneuil near Villeneuve-sur-Lot, a short distance slightly south east of here, but still on the river Lot.

And Beano made a friend!

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