The light at Biscarrosse, Tuesday 21st November 2017

I love how the light cascades through the tree in a sort of pyramid: priceless

We are still in Biscarrosse waiting for our mail to arrive via the Post Restant service at the Post Office in town. We were hoping it would be there this morning, as we have tried everyday since Friday (Adonis even walked into town yesterday), but there is still no sign of it. We just have to keep on trying and we’ll cycle there again tomorrow morning and see about buying some Christmas cards while we are at it. We hope it hasn’t got lost!

Morning light at Navarrosse

In the meantime, we have been enjoying this superb and scenic motorhome aire at Navarrosse, just north of town, which offers the best of both worlds: the woods and the beach by the lake. We have gone for long walks along the shore and through the woods and on Sunday morning we set out to capture that ephemeral and outwardly morning light. I felt my artistic muse by my side and tried my luck with my phone camera and here are some of my best shots.

Boat and Hunters’ lodge


summer café by little quay and beach
Paradise in south west France

While walking through the woods on our way back, we came across this tepee and gypsy caravan and, as we have now sold our house in the UK, I thought this could be our new home, with enough room for guests! (just kidding).

Our new home?
And gypsy caravan for guests!


The weather is still very cold first thing in the morning, but lovely and warm by midday – warm enough to sit outside in t-shirts – and Adonis has been able to do some fishing between the pleasure boats just outside the van in the pleasant afternoon temperatures until sunset, even catching some perch!

Fishing for perch between pleasure boats right outside van!

As soon as we get our post, we’ll set off towards Spain and make our way along the north cost to La Coruña to spend some time with my family.


7 thoughts on “The light at Biscarrosse, Tuesday 21st November 2017

  1. Such a beautiful place, dear Fatima… ((Adonis: what a perfect name, by the way!: I think you had told me 😉 ) The light is really sublime, and the place peaceful, Seems taken from a painting. Truly very nice! …Wishing you a great weekend. Love ❤

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