La Coruña and north coast of Spain, Wednesday 29th November 2017

La Ciudad de Cristal en La Coruña

We finally received our ‘post restant’ in Biscarrosse last Wednesday and since then, we have just had one-night stops in various places all along the north coast of Spain, from Bilbao to La Coruña in the far north west of the country.

Our first stop on Thursday was at picturesque Étang the Soustons and we parked at the motorhome aire in Azur. It was a very warm day for this time of year and we were able to sit outside in shorts and t-shirts, as well as our usual dog walks by the lake. We used our Camping Car Park card for this service and the charge for the overnight stay was €9, but it was certainly worth it.

Gorgeous Étang de Soustons by Azur


On Friday morning, we crossed into Spain via Hendaye and Irún and drove straight to the aire on the hill outside Bilbao, on Monte Kobeta, with panoramic views over the city, with the San Mamés football stadium and the Guggenheim Museum right in front of us. We were considering taking the ‘Bilbobus’ into the city, as it stopped just down the road from the aire, but the weather took a turn for the worst on Friday evening with heavy rain and colder temperatures and we decided to keep going west to Cantabria.

Panoramic view of Bilbao from motorhome aire at Monte Kobeta
Amazing view of Bilbao from motorhome aire, even at night!

Our destination in Cantabria was Las Hazas Área de Autocaravanas en Cóbreces, a charming green and rural landscape, but still on the coast and, although we had some very heavy downpours here too, we managed to enjoy long walks to the clifftops and on the beach and also went out in the evening to the nearby restaurant Brasas y Tapas, where we had a lovely Cantabrian meal.

Our little home on the prairie at green and lush Cóbreces
A walk on the beach at sunset

Continuing our journey west along the north Spanish coast, we arrived at the pretty Camping Deva in Gijón, Asturias, on Sunday morning, where the sun finally came out and warmed up enough to sit outside. I also took advantage of the site facilities to wash and dry some clothes to see us for the next week or so.

Pretty Camping Deva in Gijón

We had one more stop in Asturias before crossing to Galicia at beautiful Tapia de Casariego, at the aire on the clifftop with views of the sea for only €4 for the night. Once again, we made the most of the warm and sunny weather exploring the dramatic coastline, rocky beach and postcard-pretty fishing harbour, not unlike some of the Cornish villages like Padstow or Port Isaac. There are lots of deep caves on the beach too that reminded me of Daphne Du Maurier’s Jamaica’s Inn horror smuggling story and I wonder if similar kind of activities took place here too.

Dramatic coastline at Tapia de Casariego
Harbour at Tapia de Casariego


Mysterious deep caves on rocky beach. Perfect for smuggling?

And finally, feeling like a long pilgrimage, we arrived at my home town of La Coruña, in the furthest north west coast of Spain, yesterday. We are staying at the Marina Coruña motorhome aire, a bit pricey at €22 per night, but it is in an ideal position within easy reach of the town centre and other places of touristic attraction, like La Torre de Hércules, the oldest lighthouse in the world still in use after 2,000 years!

Stunning view of the Capitanía Marítima this morning, right by motorhome aire
A very wet walk this morning. Castillo de San Antón Archaeological Museum in background (Adonis in silhouette)
Love this: Octopus is a Galician speciality
La Torre de Hércules, oldest lighthouse in the world still in operation after 2000 years, UNESCO site
The sun after the rain: nice to see someone swimming outdoors in late November!


We met up with some members of my family yesterday evening and we are hoping to see more on Friday. While we are here, we are going to take Beano to the groomers (long overdue) and I am going to treat myself to the hairdresser’s tomorrow!

The weather has been showery and this morning we got caught in a heavy hailstorm during our walk along the impressive Paseo Marítimo that encircles the peninsula with some stunning views of the beaches, port, etc and ideal for photographs!

La Capitanía Marítima from the end of the pier in the sun after the rain

10 thoughts on “La Coruña and north coast of Spain, Wednesday 29th November 2017

  1. Love reading your posts and the wonderful photo’s whilst I am still stuck here in UK and not in Spain as I should have been on 12th November 😪 Tore my cartilage in my knee. However, had the operation last week, just need to get some mobility back then should be out there before Christmas. Enjoy your adventures and keep the blog posts coming 👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So sorry to hear about your knee problems and I hope you will recover soon and be able to travel again. We are heading towards Fatima in Portugal next. Thank you very much for reading my blog and your kind comments. All the best to you both. Happy and speedy recovery!


  2. Étang de Soustons by Azur and Tapia de Casariego are absolutely gorgeous, dear Fatima.
    I love seeing the “Torre de Hércules”, by the way… Do you know if there is a statue or similar of the Greek God.. I am thinking that maybe its name is related to the omnipotence and the extreme colossal strength of that God, as well. Either way, it makes perfect sense to me… Excellent gallery… Enjoy your trip, dear Fatima… Love & best wishes 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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