Portiragnes and Béziers, Wednesday 10th January 2018

The Canal du Midi at Portiragnes


After welcoming the new year in most peaceful motorhome aire at Vias, near Adonis’s Mum and Dad’s home, we will be ready to get on the road again in a couple of days.


During the last few days, we have enjoyed lazy strolls along Portiragnes and Sérignan beaches, where we saw a large flock of pink flamingos, but unfortunately too far to photograph, and along the Canal du Midi, that marvellous feat of engineering that links the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, 250 km.

Marvellous and sculptural plane trees along the Canal du Midi


Beautiful as it was to walk along this famous canal, it was very sad to see that, due to the infection of the fungus Ceratocystis platani, which is believed to have been brought to France in contaminated ammunition boxes used by US troops during the second world war (sourced from the guardian.com), many of the thousands of plane trees that line the canal had to be felled, leaving great gaps along the path.  It was thought that all the trees along the canal would have to be destroyed, but it looks like they have managed to save quite a few so far and I hope they will stay, as they are very sculptural and picturesque and UNESCO listed.

Felled plane trees along the Canal du Midi
This felled plane tree trunk looks like a heart, artery and all.


However, it is lovely to see these grapes growing alongside the canal too.


We have also enjoyed a couple of good meals with my in-laws at local restaurants to celebrate the New Year, Peggy’s birthday and the good news that Adonis’s tumour hasn’t returned, which we found out last Friday during his flying visit to the UK for his check-up at Portsmouth hospital.  We particularly liked our meal at L’Amirada restaurant, where we keep coming back due to the high quality of the food and friendly service.

Adonis and Peggy at L’Amirada Restaurant
Peter and yours truly at L’Amirada


This morning, we drove into Béziers in Adonis’s parents’ Mondeo, which we have borrowed during our stay here, to do a spot of shopping and I was delighted by the fresco painting on this building.  From far away, these windows look real.  What do you think?

Incredibly, all the façade is a painting!
Simply marvellous mural. Love the lady at the window!

7 thoughts on “Portiragnes and Béziers, Wednesday 10th January 2018

    1. Glad to know I brought this beautiful canal to your attention: it really is marvellous and very popular with tourists in the summer, hiring boats and stopping along the way, but also with the local walkers, runners, cyclists, roller skaters, etc. Thank you for comment, Alison

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  1. The mural on the building is amazing! I was sure it was the real thing. Clever. So pleased you enjoyed New Years and ecstatic about the news of Peter being OK. Good reason to celebrate!! Ready for your next adventure. Safe travels. xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Darlene. We have seen this type of mural before in several places in France, but this really comes up trumps. Glad you liked it. Heading east now to Provence and then La Côte d’Azur if we can find somewhere to stay in the motorhome. I will keep you posted! Big hug.

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