Argelès-sur-Mer, Pyrénées Orientales, Wednesday 31st January 2018

Le Roussillonnais Camping at Argelès-sur-Mer

I can’t believe that the first month of 2018 is nearly gone and that we’ve been on the road for over 6 months! At this rate, the journey will be over before we know it and we still have some many places we want to see!

As planned, we got here last Thursday and found a nice large pitch at Le Roussillonnais Camping near one of the back gates to the beach, but we changed pitches on Sunday morning as it was a very warm and sunny day and we saw that we were in the shade most of the day whilst the pitch 2 spaces to our right, which had just been vacated, had a greater break in the trees and, therefore, much more sun. We thought we might stay here for a couple of weeks, so it will be nice to make the most of the sun when it’s out.

Pine-wood park along the beach

The weather has been very changeable, though, perhaps due to the proximity of the mountains, but it has been warm enough on and off to sit outside for long periods of time and even do some crocheting in the sun. Not bad for January!

Crocheting in the sun in January!

It is odd to see that, although the hills on the eastern side and closest to the sea appear not to have any snow at all, the ones further to the west and inland are definitely covered in the white stuff and they can be seen from the far side of the campsite. Another funny thought is that Spain is on the other side of those mountains (after the Monts Alberes and the Pyrenees), a mere 8 km as the crow flies, longer by road. We are considering going back to Valencia when we leave Argelès-sur-Mer in a few days’ time.

No snow here…
… but definitely here!

There is not much to do here other than walk along the beach or cycle to the shops and even the shopping centre closest to the campsite called Costa Blanca is shut for the winter, although there is a bakery and café just a little bit further and within walking distance.

Walking along outside campsite and onto the beach


After my first walk to the Intermarché supermarket, I came back through the pine-wood park that runs alongside the beach and I was surprised to find a Memorial to the 100,000 Spanish Republicans who fled Spain after the Civil War in 1939 and were kept in a concentration camp here: a small monument to Democracy and Freedom and a nice touch.

Memorial to 100,000 Spanish Republicans refugees who were held in a concentration camp at Argelès-sur-Mer


On another expedition on my bike through the campsite, among the chalets and bungalows I found these most intriguing pods, but they look very nice and cosy and a step up from a tent!  Don’t they look inviting?

These look like fun!


We were running low on provisions, so this morning we drove to the Intermarché hypermarket in Argelès-sur-Mer to get enough food and drinks to last us a week, as it is a pain having to unhook and put everything away in the van just to do our shopping.

We have put our bird feeder out again and within hours we had all kinds of birds visiting our pitch: it really feels like home!

6 thoughts on “Argelès-sur-Mer, Pyrénées Orientales, Wednesday 31st January 2018

  1. Thank you again. I am convinced that the north doesn’t agree with me in the winter. I was so desperate for some winter sun after 35 years living in England! A bit cooler here today, but at least we have the eastern light!


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