Le Roussillonnais Camping, Argelès-sur-Mer, Wednesday 14th February 2018


We are still at this lovely campsite, Le Roussillonnais Camping, breaking all records so far for our longest stay anywhere in our 8 years of motorhoming, completing 3 weeks today, and we won’t be leaving until Saturday 17th. Adonis’s parcel hasn’t arrived yet, but we are not bothered, as this is a very charming location right by the beach and sand dunes, surrounded by pine trees, which would provide much needed shade in the summer months and we might come back here then, even though it will be a lot busier, with children’s entertainment, etc. We shall see.

Our large pitch under pine trees at Le Roussillonnais Camping

I love the fact that the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning is the Mediterranean Sea, which is truly priceless. The pitches at the campsite are very large and flat and we have very friendly neighbours behind us. The camping also has a heated shower block, very welcome this time of year, especially with this Arctic weather spell we’ve been having of late. Temperatures are rising, though, and there are plenty of signs of spring outside, not least the bird songs!

Stunning Mimosa and it feels spring is round the corner!
Pure genius: wall built around tree and turned into a mural. Love it!  A wonderful find on one of our long walks

Apart from relaxing around the campsite, we have continued with our long discovery walks and cycle rides along the seafront, to the Port to the south and the Nature Reserve of Man Larrieu to the north, a very interesting sand dunes habitat on both sides of the river Le Tech.

Interesting traditional boat at Le Port d’Argelès, to the south of campsite
Interesting sand dunes habitat at Mas Larrieu, near Northside of campsite
Cacti and horses in the background, Mas Larrieu

We also loved finding a rough path to walk back from Mas Larrieu, remembering our long-distance walks and backpacking adventures of our younger days not so long ago!

Remembering our long-distance walks on this kind of path, unkept and wild.

And of course, let’s not forget those gorgeous snowy mountains (The Pyrenees) to the west I just can’t stop photographing.  I can’t get over the fact that they are facing the Mediterranean Sea!

flop 4.jpeg
And the snowy mountains to the west!  (photo taken with my mobile and edited by Adonis)


I have also kept busy crocheting a couple of items.  One is still a secret until my son receives it, but the other I will share with you now.  I proudly present you my brand new crocheted basket to store my yarn!

Keeping busy with my favourite craft: crocheted basket for my yarn!

As it is Valentines’s Day today, we have booked a table at a nearby restaurant offering a set menu and live music for the special occasion, strangely not tonight, but Friday! It sounds like fun…


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