Labruguière, Tarn, Wednesday 21st February 2018

Lake at Plan d’Eau by motorhome aire at Labruguière

After 25 relaxing days at serene Argelès-sur-Mer, we finally dragged ourselves away on Monday morning just to go and explore other areas. We did, however, before we left, celebrate Valentine’s day at wonderful Les Charmettes restaurant on Friday night and we absolutely loved it. From the moment we walked in, we had a very warm and friendly welcome and the singer was already in full swing. The table was beautifully set with glassware and heart-shaped confetti and the set menu was nothing short of superb and delicious, so altogether it was a very special evening and I was even presented with a rose when we left!

Lovely laid out table for Valentine’s meal at Les Charmettes Restaurant, Argelès-sur-Mer
A late Valentine’s meal on Friday night
Gorgeous starter of home-made foie gras
And a dessert to die for!
And I was presented with a rose!

the next day, we cycled again into town to have a look around the Saturday market and, although we didn’t need much, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit and bought some fruit and our daily baguette, as well as a new scarf for myself.

Strolling around Argelès-sur-Mer Saturday market


Creative and original market stand!


The last day at Argelès-sur-Mer was a bit dull and windy and we just lounged around the campsite and walked Beano on the beach.

On Monday morning, we set off to Villasavary, about 20km west of Carcassonne, where we had previously stopped after Christmas when we left Moissac, but then it had been too wet and it was blowing a gale and we couldn’t enjoy the gorgeous landscape surrounding the motorhome aire. This time, it was a lovely warm and dry day and I took Beano for a very long afternoon walk, absolutely relishing the first signs of spring on the trees and bushes displaying this year’s blossom and, of course, the picturesque sight of the village on top of the hill: simply beautiful!

Going past Carcassonne on our way to Villasavary
New blossom and Villasavary on the hill
On seeing the first blossom of spring!


Charming surrounding landscape


Yesterday, we drove south west from Villasavary and stopped briefly at stunning medieval Mirepoix and, although it was pouring down with rain, we managed to take a few photos of the amazing medieval wooden porticos and the pastel half-timber houses around the market square, as well as a quick visit to the Gothic St Maurice Cathedral to shelter ourselves from the rain for a few minutes. I loved the light coming through the stained-glass rosette windows and behind the altar, even on a grey day like today.

Stunning Medieval Mirepoix with wooden porticos, half-timbered houses and St Maurice Gothic Cathedral
Sheltering from the rain under the medieval wooden porticos
Mirepoix market square
Lovely light through stained-glass windows in St Maurice Cathedral


As it was such a miserable and wet day, we continued driving north, past Castelnaudary, to Revel, where we spent the rest of this soggy day. I got soaked again on my afternoon dog-walk and didn’t feel like going out again after that, even though there is a lovely walk in the pinewoods outside the motorhome aire and sports grounds and along the canal.

This morning, we only had a short drive north to Castres to top up on food and drinks and then south again to Labruguière, where we are parked by the Plan d’Eau, or the village recreation grounds by a fishing lake. It is sunny and there is only a soft breeze, so hopefully I’ll enjoy my dog walk better this afternoon.

Lovely motorhome aire at Labruguière
The lake near motorhome aire at Labruguière

We are hoping to catch the bus or train to Castres tomorrow morning to visit the Goya Museum, which is said to hold the biggest collection of Spanish painters’ works in France, including Velázquez, Murillo and Picasso. Let’s hope it is open!

7 thoughts on “Labruguière, Tarn, Wednesday 21st February 2018

    1. Oh no! All good things come to an end, I fear. Still, I am sure you too made the most of your winter trip. The north of Spain is beautiful, but too wet and cold this time of year.
      I still think the best markets in France are in Provence. St Remy’s was exquisite, but we also loved the one in Aix.
      Thank you for your kind comment and safe travels!


  1. The blossoms are earlier than when we lived in New England…snow there this time of the year. It is a shame the weather hasn’t been better for your travels through this area.

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