Moissac, Wednesday 14th March 2018

Glorious Moissac on the river Tarn

Still at beautiful, wonderful Moissac and I don’t want leave. It has been another very tranquil week, setting into a routine of walking into town in the morning for the daily baguette and the occasional ‘gateau’, walking Beano along the river Tarn or the Garonne Canal, fishing, crocheting, reading, cooking and generally watching the world and our fellow motorhomes go by.

My beautiful daily walk into town along the Canal of the Garonne


There is a great community of very friendly French people here and they have made us feel very welcome, often stopping for a quick greeting, kind words and a laugh. We don’t know their names, but we have given most of them a nickname according to their appearance, so we have Handlebar ‘Moustache Man’, ‘Long-Hair Man’, ‘Jolly Man’, ‘Camouflage T-Shirt Man’, etc, etc. You get the idea. I think it is about time I started asking their names; we have been here a week after all, and some of them were here at Christmas too. We almost feel like locals! Where are the women, you may ask? Well, they seem to be kept indoors, I fear, as we hardly ever see them, but the men gather outside for long chats and I often see them on my way to the ‘boulangerie’ and have even walked with them and some of them fish too, but it is a mystery to us what the women do all day. Maybe now that the weather is improving they will spend more time outside.

Tree-lined walk along the river, my favourite afternoon dog walk


Whilst Adonis fished on Sunday morning, I cycled on the path between the river and the canal to St Nicolas-de-la-Grave, but I couldn’t cross the river at the nearest bridge junction to the Base de Loisirs or Leisure Grounds (4km away from Moissac) and I didn’t want to go too far, so I turned around as the next junction would have been another 4km away. Still, by the time I stopped to enjoy the scenery and take photos, each way took me 1/2 hour, so I felt one hour cycling on a glorious Sunday morning was quite enough.

Cycling along between the river Tarn and the Garonne Canal



I couldn’t cross the river by St Nicolas-de-la-Grave bridge.



Love the peace
My bike posing with a Citroen 2CV by vineyard, what could be more French?

Not a very eventful week all in all, except that I cooked a lovey roast lamb and a risotto for the first time in our multi cooker and they both turned out perfectly and delicious. That was indeed a very good investment and worth every penny (or cent in the case) and, incidentally, we bought it here just before Christmas.
I also did another load of washing at the facilities outside the Casino supermarket not far from the motorhome aire and, as I was the only person using them, it went without a hitch or unnecessary drama and I couldn’t help having a chuckle to myself remembering last week’s episode at the launderette in Auch.

Adonis is very happy because he has received more fishing bait from England using the Post Restant service in Moissac (same system as in Biscarrosse) and is looking forward to catching a few fish…

A happy and relaxed Adois fishing on the river Tarn

The weather is warming up very quickly now and we have been able to sit outside in shorts and T-shirts and even needed sunblock. Spring is most definitely here now, as I have seen tulips and even a Magnolia in full bloom! We have also bought new plants and bird feeder to replace the one we left behind at Labruguière and are already enjoying some feathered visitors.  What an interesting winter this has been!

Feeling like spring at Moissac’s motorhome aire with new plants and bird feeder

And finally for today, I had a treat at the hairdresser’s this morning and had a nice trim, first time since my birthday in Palamós in September.

On Friday 16th, we’ll be celebrating 8 months on the road: where does time go?



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