A quiet week and a sick dog, March 21st March 2018

The Garonne Canal at Moissac

Spring has started officially at last, even if that Beast from the East has made another brief, but still cold, appearance in a mini version of itself, with only 4ºC outside at the moment on this lovely and sunny morning.

It has been a fairly quiet week and I felt like baking again and made another lemon sponge, which we shared with our friendly neighbours at the motorhome aire. I have been asking their names and we now know that the chap we referred to as ‘Handlebar Moustache Man’ is Guy and ‘Jolly Man’ is Will, but Will went back to Belgium yesterday: shame, as he was most pleasant and spoke very good English.

Lemon sponge baked in multi cooker, well received by our neighbours

I have also finished a couple of crochet doilies and even ironed them and the rest of the time has been spent either reading or walking into town or along the river and canal with Beano.



Crochet doilies



One of the pretty sights that spring has brought with it is the blossom on the apple tree orchard adjacent to the aire, which provides a very pleasant walk all the way to the Pont Canal and, of course, it just had to be photographed!

Apple tree orchard adjacent to motorhome aire


I’ve borrowed a book in French from the local ‘Book Nest’ or book swapping facility stall, leaving one of mine behind, and I am surprised at how easy I am finding it, with just the occasional unfamiliar word I need to look up in the dictionary, so my French vocabulary is improving all the time.

The Port Canal crossing the river Tarn at Moissac
Attractive views from the canal


We went to the market on Saturday morning and yet again we marvelled at the size of some of the fruit and vegetables that really dwarf their English counterparts.  We couldn’t resist this gigantic bunch of spring onions!

Gigantic spring onions bunch from Moissac’s market

We have been somewhat concerned about Beano, as he woke us up in the early hours of Sunday morning with a foul smell and jumping on and off the sofa a few times and when he ran to the door, I took the hint and came down, put my jeans and jumper over my pyjamas and a hat and took him out. We didn’t make it past the aire before he went to the toilet twice, having a very runny tummy. Back in the van, I looked at the clock and it was only 2.30 am. We went back to sleep only to be woken up again just before 7 am with more of the same plus added vomiting and this time it was Adonis who came down and took him out. Beano refused to eat anything all morning and in the afternoon he was passing blood. He was so messy, I had to give him a shower.  I began to feel a bit panicky, but being Sunday the Vet’s surgery was shut and thought we might have to take him on Monday morning. Luckily, by the evening he had perked up a little and managed to eat something and he was bright and cheerful again yesterday and ate normally, so maybe it was just a 24-hour bug or something he ate when off the lead, so we are keeping him on a short leash at the moment just in case. Panic over for now.


11 thoughts on “A quiet week and a sick dog, March 21st March 2018

  1. I guess I missed this post. I do hope Beano is feeling better. Dot had a runny tummy last week too. It lasted a couple of days. It is worrisome though. Your baking looks yummy!! and your crochet work is wonderful. Hugs to all!! xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you again, Darlene. Having a pet is almost as worrying as having a baby. I am glad Dot is feeling better too. Who knows what causes these tummy troubles? We are very careful with what we give Beano to eat, but you never know what they lick or ingest when they are off the lead.

      The lemon sponge was lovely and I also made a quiche earlier this week which turned out very good too. Amazing machine! I am now crocheting a Nativity set!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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