Eauze, Gers, Wednesday 28th March 2018

Wildcamping at Lac de Pouy, Eauze

We got itchy feet again and left dear Moissac this morning on our slow way to Lac de l’buy. It has been a very interesting day so far, but I think we are now settled wild camping at this lovely spot by Lac de Pouy at Eauze

We had another quiet week at Moissac and I did cook my quiche in the multicooker, as planned, which turned out delicious, with very flaky and thoroughly cooked pastry, just perfect, so I was delighted with the results, even though it took a whole hour in the oven.

Thoroughly cooked quiche with flaky shortcrust pastry made in multicooker

We enjoyed a final shop at the Saturday and Sunday market for fruit and vegs and were very pleased to see the spring flower displays all over town, as well as an Easter Egg displayed on the window at one of the chocolatiers: very pretty indeed.  And even the magnolia trees are in full bloom now!

Gorgeous flower displays at Moissac




Nice to see the tulips are flowering too
And this Easter egg window display is to die for!

Beano recovered from his upset tummy in the week, but had a relapse early on Sunday morning and this time he didn’t make it out of the van to go to the toilet, so when Adonis came down at around 7 am to take him out (still quite dark due to clocks going forward that very night), it was already too late and he had the misfortune to step on the mess on the floor still bare-footed. Poor Adonis and poor me, who had to clean up the mess while husband was out with the dog!

Pretty magnolia tree also in bloom by river Tarn, Moissac

We had intended to stop at the lovely aire at Condom for a few days and that’s where we stopped for lunch today, but unfortunately, two ‘hippy-looking’ young couples arrived in a panel van with 5 dogs, which they set on the loose while they were preparing their lunch outside and with the radio on and, as they drank, their voices got louder and louder right when Adonis had just lied down for his siesta. Seeing as we were not going to get any peace, we made the unusual decision to leave just after lunch. What a shame, but this is sadly a case when even the most beautiful of places can be ruined by irresponsible, inconsiderate and thoughtless people spoiling the enjoyment of everyone else! This is also the first time that we have been driven away by other people’s anti-social behaviour. Weep!

We thought we might stop at Fources, not far away, but although it is one of the Beau Villages, and very pretty it was too, and the aire was good, the parking was on grass and, as it has been raining rather heavily the last few days, we didn’t think it sensible to try and park there, so we moved on and tried the aire at Montreal, a bit further south, but this was utterly unattractive, with no facilities or a nice walk for Beano and, to top it all, I saw the remains of 2 horses or donkeys (I was too horrified to look too close) half buried in a ditch in the field adjacent to the parking area where I was walking Beano out of desperation, so feeling a bit disgusted and very disappointed, we set off on the road again for the forth time today!

The Beau Village of Fources


And so, finally, just after 4 pm, we have now settled at this pretty spot by Lac de Pouy at Eauze. It is peaceful and out of the way and Adonis is fishing, so this will do for tonight!

Peaceful and remote Lac de Pouy, Eauze. Nice daffodils too!