Les Rives-du-Lac Camping, Lac de l’Uby, Wednesday 11th April 2018

One of many, but not the largest yet: a pretty common carp
Still at lovely and peaceful Lac de l’Uby, which is getting busier and busier by the day as more and more people arrive in their motorhomes for the health treatments at Barbotan-les-Thermes, but being mainly middle-aged customers, even the evenings are quiet, with the occasional sound of laughter or the beepers from the fishermen, like Adonis’s.

Adonis has been quite successful with his fishing this week, having caught 5 carp so far, the biggest one being nearly 20Kg. It was raining at the time and I was about to start preparing our evening meal when I saw him landing what looked like a fairly large fish, so I went out in the rain to capture this momentous event and I am glad I did, for it was the second biggest fish he has ever caught. I knew Lac de l’Uby wouldn’t disappoint.
In fact, the only disappointing thing so far has been the weather, as it has been showery on and off. It was quite hot last Friday and we were able to sunbathe in our swimwear and had lunch and evening meal outside, but Sunday was horrendous and I only ventured out to walk Beano. At least it is warm and we don’t need the heating on.
I had my luxury ‘Spa Sérénité’ treatment last Friday as planned, consisting of a kaolin bath, a hydromassage bath and a body massage, which was absolutely heavenly, as well as access to the jacuzzi and steam sauna. I could have died and gone to Heaven quite happily!
A nice treat at Barbotan-les-Thermes Spa
Dany arrived on Thursday and since then we have had long chats in French and she invited me to join a a crafts workshop at the Tourist Information Office in Barbotan-les-Thermes on Monday afternoon to make objects out of paper straws that we made ourselves using old brochures and a knitting needle to help roll the paper into fine straws, which we then linked together to make our chosen object, in this case a star-shaped pot holder. The workshop lasted 2 1/2 hours, but we still didn’t have time to add the finishing touches to our projects, like beads and ribbons as the model to follow showed, but at least we learned a very interesting technique and it was a lot of fun and very good for my French too, as no English (or Spanish) was spoken. I am getting there!
It was fun making this pot holder using old brochures turned into paper straws
Back of pot holder
Pot holder with candle
Dany also sent me the pattern to crochet a Nativity set, which I have already started and so far I have completed Mary, Baby Jesus and a shepherd, but I need more colours to make Joseph, the 3 Wise Men and the animals, although I have started making a lamb!
I made a start on my crocheted Nativity set
The back of the figures
The WiFi connection went down yesterday evening and it hasn’t come back yet (11am), but the receptionist told me it should be back at midday, so maybe I can publish this today!

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