Neufchâtel-en-Bray, Seine Maritime, Wednesday 16th May 2018


We finally spent 6 days at charming and relaxing Port-Diseur Camping in Monthermé, enjoying the warm, sunny weather and lovely surroundings, long walks in the park and fishing, Adonis ending up catching 8 chub and 3 barbel, but no carp.

The weather turned on Saturday afternoon and it was raining when we got up on Sunday morning, so we thought it was a good time to leave and start making our way west towards Amiens before heading north for Calais and our ferry back to England on Sunday 20th.

Attractive Château at Nouvion-en-Thiérache


Our first stop was at Le Nouvion-en-Thiérache aire on the D1043 north west of Hirson, next to the campsite near the pretty château, and where we stopped on our Christmas holidays in 2016. Being spring, it was lovely to see the fields covered in wild flowers to encourage bees and other insects so important to wildlife and the environment as a whole.

Field of wildflowers to encourage bio diversity

I thoroughly loved my long walk with Beano past the campsite and around the fitness trail and over the bridge to the play park, all charming and surrounded by an ancient pine forest. And all this for free!

On Monday morning, we didn’t have very far to go, as our destination was Ailly-sur-Noye, south of Amiens, at what looks like a fairly new Camping-Car Park stop and a bit of a work-in-progress, but very pleasant and quiet and by a very attractive Plan-d’eau or leisure park with a lake with lots of geese, ducks and coots on the loose and I had a bit of a laugh and a scare when I went to feed them with some stale bread yesterday morning before we left, as the geese came right up to me close and personal, honking and making a heck of a racket and they practically chased me away. I hope no-one caught me on camera, although it would have been very funny if they had!

Nicely located Camping-Car Park aire at Ailly-sur-Noye, but needs a bit of landscaping work



Pretty Plan d’eau at Ailly-sur-Noye


Bravely feeding the geese before running away!


Yesterday morning, it was only a short distance to tried, tested and loved many times over Neufchâtel-en-Bray. This place keeps getting better and better, as they have now added a brand new washing machine and drier in the paying kiosk and at this very moment I am waiting for my washing to dry: my last laundry duty before England.

The very convenient shower block and laundry facilities at marvellous Neufchâtel-en-Bray motorhome aire

We have booked Beano for his Pet-Passport check-up and worming tablet for tomorrow morning and then we might move on north and stop at another favourite aire at Quend-Plage-les-Pins in the Somme.

I have also found another Centrakor outlet right opposite Leclerc just down the road and I have stocked up with more crochet supplies to finish my Nativity set.

This will be my last diary entry before our return to England. It is going to be a very hectic week there, with all our appointments, but I am looking forward to seeing Pepo and, hopefully, a few friends and colleagues as well. “Always look on the bright side of life” (You can sing it if you like).


5 thoughts on “Neufchâtel-en-Bray, Seine Maritime, Wednesday 16th May 2018

    1. Thank you. Centrakor is great for many things and very economical. Shame I didn’t discover it sooner: a French friend I meet up with at Lac de l’Uby ‘Uby in the Gers told me about it recently. I could have saved myself a lot of money on cotton! 😀


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