Camping Rives du Lac, Lac de l’Uby, Gers, Wednesday 20th June 2018

Our lovely pitch on Lac de l’Uby

What a lovely and tranquil week it has been, just like life should be always!  Even the weather has turned for the better and, although we’ve had a bit of wind and overcast skies for a couple of days, it is very hot and sunny now and we are making the most of the gorgeous swimming pool on site.

The gorgeous swimming pool at the campsite

The fishing competition finished on Saturday morning and Adonis has been able to fish for carp again, so he is in heaven and so am I, reading and crocheting by the lake, with a few walks with Beano during the day around the campsite following the edge of the lake and beyond to the dam and through the woods.

We have befriended a couple on a nearby pitch who happen to be from Spanish descent but brought up in France and who speak perfect Spanish, so it is nice to have someone to talk to in my own language for a change, as I don’t get to do that very often these days.  They are very friendly  and he fishes and she does various crafts, including crochet.  What are the chances of meeting someone like that?   I love this place more and more everyday.

I cycled into Barbotan-les-Thermes market this morning, which seemed to be bigger than ever now that they have finished the new square/parking area outside the Tourist Information Office and more market stalls have set up shop there.  I bought some fruit, cheese and a new tablecloth and spent almost an hour just soaking in the lovely and relaxed atmosphere of the place.  It was getting very hot by 10 a.m. and I cycled back to the campsite soon after in order to enjoy a cooling swim in the marvellous pool: I had it all to myself.  I think everyone is in town today for the market.  In fact, most of the campers here come for their annual health treatments at the Spa, so it is very quiet all day.


I must also mention the beautiful wildlife surrounding us.  There is a pair of geese and their baby chick that only hatched a couple of days after we arrived who have their nest only a few meters away and keep walking up and down this area getting closer and closer to our pitch.  I think it is brilliant that they don’t see us as a threat and are happy to come right into our door.  Other campers keep coming to take pictures of them, so we are privileged for having them so near.  

Proud Mum and Dad goose taking baby for a walk outside our pitch



There are also some coypu who appear first thing in the morning and I have tried to photograph them from our window as not to scare them away, but the photos don’t come out so well.

An early morning visitor: coypu photographed through window!

We have the bird feeder out too and I have been scattering seeds all around, so we have all kinds of birds, including gorgeous redstarts, goldfinches and chaffinches, with a pair of goldfinches building a nest on a branch right above us!  And there is a black kite hovering around regularly: what a treat!

A friendly chaffinch came to see me whilst wring my blog. This is the sight right in front of me!


I think he was posing for me: Right by my gnome!

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