A Celebration with the Belgians and the French.  

Vias, Herault, Wednesday 11th July 2018


Back at the welcoming and very convenient motorhome aire at Vias, so close to Adonis’s parents’ house, only a 20-minute walk or a 5-minute bike ride.  We love it here because the pitches are very large and the manager, Paul, is very friendly and laid-back and, since it is the third time we’ve come here, it almost feels like home.

Getting ready for the football match between France and Belgium

It has been a true week of celebrations of all kinds.  As the Football World Cup semi-final match between France and Belgium was on last night, Paul organised a little party for all the campers and we were all invited to attend to watch the match outside his house on site on a large TV and to bring a dish to share. Turning this down was simply NOT an option and wild horses wouldn’t have kept me away, so I made my signature Spanish omelette with onions and chorizo and we joined everyone else at 7 p.m., as scheduled.  It was a good turn out, around 30 people, including children and dogs, with a BBQ going cooking sausages and merguez, lots of snacks, salads, cakes and plenty of wine and a variety of drinks from sangria and pernod to whisky and soft beverages.  The atmosphere was very jovial and amicable, with guests sporting either French or Belgian attire, may it be t-shirts, painted flags on their faces, real flags or garlands around their necks in the appropriate team colours, both countries cheering each other on with lots of humour, mickey taking and laughter.  It was altogether a lovely evening and I am very glad we joined in.  France won, of course, which made it even better for the kind and thoughtful hosts.

Plenty of food and drinks to celebrate
French and Belgian supporters!

We arrived to Vias las Thursday after a stormy Wednesday evening and gloomy morning at Labruguière and, knowing that the Med would be sunny and hot, we left early enough to stop for a shop outside Mazamet and were here for noon.

That evening, we had a fantastic meal to celebrate our 21st Wedding Anniversary at Mon Rêve d’Enfant, a small but superb restaurant in Portiragnes, which has been under new management for just over a month.  We sat in the shady and charming courtyard and were soon joined by other diners, with only one table available by the time we left 2 hours later, so I am glad Adonis had booked a table beforehand.

Celebrating our 21st wedding anniversary

The rest of the week has been very lazy due to the high temperatures (mid thirties all the way), only driving to the Saysell’s Ranch (as we call it) to spend time with the family and cool down in the pool.  It was Adonis’s Dad’s birthday last Sunday, and we had a lovely lunch of melon, mussels and cake in the cool back room of the house. It is also nice to have the use of the Mondeo while we are here to do bits of shopping and pop into the house with more ease in this heat.

Celebrating Peter’s birthday
Helping with the maintenance of the ‘Saysell Ranch’
And picking delicious sweet apricots!

England is playing Croatia tonight in the semi-finals, so we’ll be going back to watch the match together and share a couple of pizzas.  

We drove into Portiragnes Plage market this morning and on the way back we heard a sound like something had fallen out of the car.  Adonis immediately realised what it was:  we had filled the motorhome with water before we left the aire and he had put the water tank cap on the roof of the car and left it there!  We stopped the car at a convenient junction and went looking for the water cap on the side of the road, but it had vanished so we had to buy another one!  I blame the heat!


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