Celebrating a year on the road


We have been on the road for a whole year and we duly celebrated this momentous occasion on Monday 16th with a couple of Mojitos for the ladies (Peggy and myself) and beers for the gentlemen (Peter and Adonis) at the attractive Buddha bar and restaurant, followed by a nice meal at Marie Jack, both on Portiragnes Plage.  Where does time go?  It seems like yesterday we were doing our first shop of the trip at Auchan in Boulogne-sur-Mer this time last year and so much has happened since…

Le Buddha bar and restaurant

It turned out to be another week of celebrations with France winning the World Cup on Sunday evening, so it was a bit loud after that at the aire, as the campsite adjacent had a disco going until late, but one cannot complain about such things and we were very pleased for France, having spent so much of this year here, still the best country for motorhoming as far as we are concerned.

Proud to be French
The Band!


Another local celebration was the Abrivado at Portiragnes village on Sunday morning and it was lovely to see and listen to the brass band, see the dancing, the Camargue horses and their guardians and the bulls running down the street with the ‘catchers’ trying to stop them: very exciting indeed.  There was also a free ‘wine fountain’ in the shape of a bull’s head and free aperitifs of Pernod after the event and a great and happy atmosphere all round.

The Wine Fountain!
The dancers!


The magnificent Camargue horses and their guardians


Bull running alongside horses and riders
The bull and catchers! By the way, the bulls don’t get hurt.
The t-shirt identifying the bull catchers
The blessing of the guardians after the Abrivado

We finally dragged ourselves to Portiragnes beach to swim in the Mediterranean sea again and we were very happy to find it wasn’t overcrowded and there was plenty of room for everyone to spread out.  The sea was cooling but not cold and after a while in the water I didn’t feel like coming out.

Almost empty Plage Ouest at Portiragnes
Nice Les Voiles restaurant right on the beach

All celebrations come to an end, however, and we will be on the road again timorrow heading west past Carcassonne for Villasavary in the Aude department and then north to the Charente, swapping the Med for the river.

I couldn’t resist!

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