14 thoughts on “New Domain!

    1. Third! Just trying to get things right. With my upgrade came my own domain, so I don’t need the WordPress.com bit any more! You know more about those things than I do. I am just an amateur. Thank you for putting up with me. 💖


      1. Well, for start, it looks like I am getting more traffic already, but I haven’t had the time to look at all the new features yet. It is not a professional one, so I think it might be rather simple. I just didn’t want any advertising on it without me having any control over it. Hopefully, that’s stopped. Any suggestions as to what might be a good idea to do?


      2. That’s great that you’re getting more traffic! I’m not sure which plan you have but there is a button in the settings that should allow you to turn it off. I dont think it just automatically stops running ads when you upgrade.

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      3. Actually, I wonder if you can help me. I tried to comment on your latest post with my new blog name and domain, but it keeps asking to enter a URL on the website box at the bottom. Any ideas how I get that? Sorry, I used to rely on my son to help me with such matters and I feel a bit like a castaway trying to stay afloat now!


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