Settling back in the UK

Feeling at home!

Well, our travels may be over for now, but our adventures certainly aren’t!  It has been another hectic week, just like when we returned in May, and we have achieved quite a lot already.

The first and most important thing is that we have now ‘moved motorhome’ and we are the proud owners of a Burstner Aviano which we hope will make a more comfortable home for the next few years or so, as we do not intend to invest in a new house or rent for the time being.  Getting it was quite a labour of love for Adonis, for he had to take the train to Manchester last Friday in order to view it prior to purchase.  Luckily, our good friend John from Bury North kindly offered to pick him up at the railway station and drive him to the final destination, as it wasn’t too far from him, and not only did he help with the viewing, but also came to our rescue when our bank wouldn’t let us make the whole payment online in one day and he offered to make up the difference until we could do another transfer to him: what a gem of a man!  We shall remain forever grateful for his generosity and kindness and we certainly owe him and his lovely wife a treat when we next meet.  


Once all the arrangements were made by late afternoon, Adonis decided he would drive back all the way from Manchester to West Sussex as he didn’t relish the thought of having to drive on the Saturday of a bank holiday weekend.  However, the traffic turned out to be dreadful too on the Friday evening and he only made it down as far south as Oxford, giving up on his attempt at around 11 p.m. and having to stop at a service station with the lorry drivers for the night.  Not only that, but it turned out to be a rather cold day and he didn’t have any bedding or winter clothes with him, just a light summer jacket, and had to resort to using the floor mats as bed covers to keep warm.  I did feel for him.  Undeterred, he got up at the crack of dawn and finally arrived at our new home by 8 a.m. as I was finishing my breakfast.  What a hero!

Our new home, the Burstner Aviano, with satellite dish!

Needless to say, we spent the rest of the day transferring all our belongings from the old Hymer to the new motorhome and, although we own much less stuff than when we owned a house, it still took us all morning and part of the afternoon.  We were the entertainment of the campsite, going backwards and forwards with pots and pans, clothes, all sorts of bags, etc, etc.  We were done with the inside of the van by late afternoon and we decided to leave the stuff in the trailer for the next day.  I honestly felt like I had run a marathon!

We felt we needed a bit of a break from all that home making and Sunday was the perfect excuse to do as little as possible, opting instead for the great British custom of a lunch-time drink at our new local pub, the marvellous The George at Eartham, just down the road from us.  This used to be our local back in the day when we lived at Slindon College and we have very fond memories of it, so it was lovely to be back and enjoy a pint or two of real ale in a beautiful country setting.

A much needed Sunday lunch pint at beautiful The George at Eartham

On Monday, we bought some stackable plastic storage boxes as, fortunately, the Burstner Aviano has a very large garage underneath the rear bed and we have managed to store everything there. it all looks very nice and tidy and not too difficult to reach.  The move was complete!

All in its proper place and ready to use!

Since then, we have enjoyed a very pleasant and comfortable living area, a bigger rear bed (no more climbing up a ladder for us), a very large shower room, a full-size fridge-freezer, a satellite dish and TV, the benefit of the spacious garage and, last but not least, an oven, an item I missed dreadfully in the Hymer.  I can now look forward to happy baking and roasting, especially in the winter and at Christmas time, which I truly enjoy.  Happy days!

More like a proper home: rear bed, cooker, full-size freezer and gas oven above (between cooker and bed)


Another highlight since our return was a very happy reunion of our old students at Slindon College just round the corner, as a boarding weekend was organised for them, and we were honoured with an invitation to attend the Award Ceremony scheduled for the end of their stay on Monday lunchtime.  It was wonderful to see what fine men they have become, some married with kids, and the exciting jobs they are doing now: it makes it all so worthwhile!

A happy Old Boys Reunion at Slindon College. What fine men they are!

We had hired a car to help us do some of the unavoidable chores like shopping and various appointments at the dentist, etc and we were due to return it this morning, but before that we desperately needed to find another small run-around vehicle for future use, being as we are far away from public transport or any amenities whatsoever.  Adonis had the pleasure of doing all the research online and yesterday we finally went to see a Toyota Yaris SR that sounded just perfect at nearby Arundel.  We were very pleased with what we saw and, after leaving a small deposit, as the current owner needed it for one more day, he offered to deliver it for us to the campsite today to do all the paper work and final payment, which he did just over 2 hours ago.  So, not only do we have a new motorhome, but a little motor to go around too.

With our hire car returned safely this morning, all that’s left to do is sell our old motorhome, for which purpose I have spent a couple of hours cleaning it today so that it looks respectable for potential buyers.  We also need to sell our trailer, as we no longer need it, having a big garage, but that can wait.

Adonis is going back to work on Monday and I shall be a lady of leisure for now.  That sounds so great, doesn’t it?


7 thoughts on “Settling back in the UK

    1. It makes sense as properties over here are very expensive to rent. We couldn’t find anything under £900 and then there is Council tax, water, gas and electricity bills. Much cheaper to stay in motorhome. Also easier you clean! 😉


    1. We want to save up as much as possible for the next couple of years and there is no point in paying big money for rented accommodation plus bills when we are so happy in motorhome. Already planning the next trip! 👍

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I am thrilled reading about how your friend pulled through for you in a tight spot. What would we do without friends and family! Also, I can tell your new home has a good design and enough storage. And, as Darlene mentions, you can pick up and travel whenever you wish. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, I couldn’t believe it when Peter told me John offered to pay the large outstanding amount so that we wouldn’t have to wait another day and Peter could drive away with the van that afternoon. Such a beautiful and generous gesture!
      We are travellers by nature and always planning the next trip. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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