Stunning and peaceful Slindon Estate, September 2018

After reflecting on the highs and lows of our recent year-long trip, I came to realise that this was also a journey of personal growth and discoveries, affirmations and confirmations and I would like to share these today.


Yes, we love to visit cities and everything they have to offer in the way of History, Culture and Art, but, as we always suspected, we are never happier than when we are under trees with the sound of birds and other creatures around us. The best locations for us were near forests and rivers or lakes, which had the added bonus of potential fishing for Adonis, like Lac de l’Uby and Navarrosse. We are loving Slindon Estate now as we are right by ancient woods and with great views of the sea in the horizon: best of both worlds!

Evening fishing at Lac de l’Uby, always a highlight in our calendar


I was born and raised by the sea and also lived most of my adult life by the Atlantic Ocean: I love it when it is calm and in all its fury, so I don’t like to be away from these bodies of water for too long. There is a definite special something in the air on coastal towns and villages and the cooling breezes are very soothing to the heart and soul and to the body in hot summers. I love the sounds of seagulls around me, even when they wake me up early in the morning.

Admiring the fury and the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean in Portugal, Dec 2017



Personally, one of the biggest realisations for me is that I am never happier than when I am travelling and the thrill and excitement of discovering and doing something new and totally different is a feeling like no other. I always suspected it and I’ve most definitely had it confirmed this year. I wonder if I am the descendent of some long forgotten explorer: it is in my blood and I can’t help it. “Bring me that horizon”, as Captain Jack Sparrow would say.

Loving the simplicity of life in the van


The more we see of this amazing continent, the more we like it. There hasn’t been a single country we’ve visited in the last 9 years motorhoming that has failed to impress us and delight us. We love the freedom to be able to roam about without borders and enjoy all the diversity and uniqueness of each and every country in the Union.

I hope with all my heart that this Brexit nonsense will die a quick death when people who voted to leave the European Union will realise what a huge mistake this would be. Luckily for me, I am Spanish and Brexit will not affect me so much, but it will affect my British family and friends and now my dog too could have greater restrictions from crossing the Channel. Oh, the foolishness of it all!

Beautiful Bruges, one of many European treasures


When we emptied our house early in the summer of 2017 to embark on our journey, we were sorry to part with some items, like books, CDs and objects with sentimental value (we kept very few of these), but as time went on, we came to the conclusion that, nice as they were, they were not integral to our happiness, and we felt liberated by the lack of personal possessions. What we have is strictly what we need and, although we have a few decorative items to please the eye, these are strategically placed and we most certainly don’t miss what we left behind.

Just a few books, personal items and trinkets made the final cut for the motorhome

I am watching Vanity Fair at the moment and I totally agree with the sentiment that this is a “world where everyone strives for what is not worth having”.


If personal possessions are not all that vital to us, health and freedom are simply invaluable. Having gone through that horrendous cancer scare and treatment, I doubt there are few things more important to Adonis than his own health now as, without it, nothing else can be enjoyed. As for me, my family’s well-being has always been top of my agenda and for the most part, we’ve had a very healthy life so far, so seeing my husband go through that hell only corroborated the knowledge that we are nothing without our health, but with it, there is nothing you cannot achieve if you put your mind to it.

Celebrating beating cancer on 8th July 2017
And a Wedding Anniversary, looking forward to the future on the road


  1. I can always count on you for calming photos of nature. Now, stuck behind a computer screen, that means a lot though I do take walks and gym breaks.

    You are fortunate to have a spouse with the same values and interests you have. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!

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    1. I am glad you like my calming photos, Marian, as I feel they serve their purpose. Thank you for letting me know.
      You can always use the computer (laptop) outdoors. That’s what I do in good weather. It is good to go to the gym too and I’m still looking for Zumba classes near me now, for I miss dancing with other people and the laughs.
      It is very important to share common interests with your life-long partner, otherwise, what’s the point in marriage?


  2. What can we say other than we are most definately ‘soul mates’ and we totally agree with everything you talk about in this post. One thing on my bucket list is to learn how to fish, both inland waters and Coastal (from the rocks), never seem to find the time or want to part with money buying something that is not right, perhaps one day we will meet up on the road somewhere and Adonis could help me tick something off my bucket list 😉👍 As for Brexit, why can people not learn to just live with each other, share resources and just enjoy learning and experiencing each other’s cultures ? And as for having some ‘Gypsy Blood’ in our veins, we do not yearn for living extreme or solitary lives just for a freedom to explore. We are not too far away from getting back to living our dream and cannot wait, we love our ‘bolt hole’ in Southern Spain and hope that we can get to combine our travelling with rest breaks in our apartment, but we shall have to wait and see, just two more weeks and we shall once again be sat on our balcony looking out over the Med 😎🍷

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    1. I think it’s great you want to learn to fish. I am sure there are some bargains to be had second hand either in your local paper or Gumtree, ebay, etc. Maybe a book on fishing for beginners would help too. And yes, it would be great if we could meet on the road some day to exchange experiences and tips and have a laugh. I am certain Adonis would be very happy to show you the ropes as far as fishing is concerned.
      We do not seek a solitary life and enjoy the company of family and friends and often strangers we meet along the way become friends too. As it happens, a couple we met near Annecy 5 years ago have become very good friends, we meet up every year and are coming down from Manchester tomorrow to spend the weekend together. Neither is it extreme, we are never far from civilisation and have all the creature comforts we need, including a TV and a satellite dish on this new Van! We just like the peace and quiet, especially after working with children as teachers for so long: silence is golden! 👍😉❤


  3. Sharon can relate to you both, as a former teacher herself she enjoys life away from the teaching environment. I spent 22 years in the military and spent half of my career living an working overseas in Europe and the Middle East and served in three operational conflicts, I have a law enforcement background and have travelled extensively throughout the UK so although we enjoy the company of other’s, especially those we meet on our travels, we also enjoy having our own more personal voyages of discovery. We still enjoy meeting up with our relatives and closer family members but working on a Campsite and meeting lots of new people on a daily basis, it’s good to get away from the the hoards for a while 😉

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