Some of our adorable new neighbours

All too soon, our stay at lovely Slindon campsite came to an end due to their closing for the winter months and we had to leave for our next destination, that being a mere couple of miles down the road, all very rural and bucolic, being as we are in a farm among the sheep, cows and horses, with geese not so far down the road too.  It is also a charming location and there is a good dog walk and cycle path on the opposite side of the road, and, although it hasn’t got the beauty of Slindon Estate, it is charming enough and very quiet: I was expecting to be woken up by our woolly neighbours, but they don’t seem to make a noise and there isn’t even a cockerel at dawn, as I had imagined.  We also have the advantage of a coin-operated shower and a toilet block, which we didn’t have in Slindon, where one needs to be self contained, and the management is friendly and obliging.  With a bit of luck, we shall stay here for the duration of the winter until we can return to Slindon.

Close and personal: our new inquisitive neighbours



The last week at Slindon brought a very welcome visit from our good friends John and July from Bury on their way to France and we enjoyed a lovely sunny day together with a walk to the Folly, the village and the school grounds to admire the panoramic views it affords.  We finished the day with a delicious meal at the China Palace restaurant in Arundel, which never disappoints.

Admiring the panoramic views from Slindon Folly with John and Julie


John and Julie left very early on Sunday morning in order to embark their ferry from Newhaven and we were busy getting the van ready for departure too, leaving Slindon mid morning.

On Monday morning, I drove into Bognor Regis to meet up with my son and had the most wonderful orange flavoured hot chocolate at the popular London Road Coffee Shop, which I might just become addicted to.  As it was a beautiful sunny and warm day, we also went for a walk along the seafront to the pier, which always makes a good photograph.

Orange flavoured hot chocolate at London Road Coffee Shop, Bognor Regis
Bognor Regis pier on a glorious sunny day

Back at the farm, we have been very lucky with the weather so far and have enjoyed some stunning sunrises and sunsets from opposite windows and we have spotted some robins and blue tits on the tree by window facing east, so I have already hung our bird feeder on a branch for them.

Sunrise from one window…
And sunset from opposite window!

Continuing experimenting with my new oven, I tackled another British classic recipe last night, Toad in the Hole, and I am delighted to report that it came out just perfect, with the batter crispy and the sausages thoroughly cooked, but still juicy: home bliss!

Crispy and delicious: Toad in the Hole cooked in motorhome oven

One of the advantages of this van is a mounted television set and self-adjusting satellite dish, so we have been able to enjoy some TV programmes and keep up with the news, but as we are by a large tree at the moment, the satellite can’t lock onto a signal and we might have to move slightly in order to get a reception.  In the meantime, I have bought myself the DVD of the third season of the brilliant Versailles series and I started watching it last night.  Can’t wait for next episode!


We’ll be back on the road again in a couple of weeks’ time for our half-term holiday in Lac de Varennes, Sarthe.  Where does time go?

19 thoughts on “MEET THE NEIGHBOURS

      1. I usually make carrot & coriander soup and the stuffing the day before, but it’s getting the roast potatoes and parsnips crispy right at the end. I tried a couple of weeks before and they took a long time. Must have another go before big day!


      1. Same guy! He looks different on the photo you have though. I was most fascinated by his brother. Turns out in real life, the mother raised the younger brother as a girl, dressing him in pretty dresses and all, so that he would never be “man enough” to rival his brother for the throne. Seems an odd thing for a mother to do!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, I also prefer the Duke of Orleans and I did know about his bringing up dressed as a girl. He is not the only one as I believe Hemingway was also submitted to that treatment. The history of Versailles simply fascinates me and I had an old book about it that, sadly, got damaged with damp when we lived at Slindon College and I had to throw it away. The acting on this series is superb and truly brings the place to life. You simply must visit when you come over to Europe: not to be missed. Put it on the very top of your list and make sure you go on a Tuesday, when they switch on the Musical Fountains: out of this world!


      3. *makes mental notes* The actor who plays the Duke has very expressive eyes and that makes his character all the more feminine and moving. I never knew about his story though until I saw the TV show.

        There is an uncle on my biological father’s side who was submitted to that treatment, but not to ensure he wasn’t a rival. I was told his mom (my paternal grandma) had a lot of boys and was deadset that she wanted a girl this time around, so she bought only girl’s clothes and when he was born a boy she used them anyway. That man went his whole life trying to prove his masculinity. He’s one of those wanna-be pretty boys who sleeps around with everyone even though he’s probably around 40+ by now.


      4. His name is Alexander Vlahos and was also very good in Merlin, a BBC series I used to watch with my son a few years ago. He is very charismatic and a pleasure to watch.
        Sad about your uncle; parents can be very thoughtless and selfish sometimes and don’t realise that your children haven’t been born to conform with your ideas and whims. Weep!


      5. I’ve seen Merlin advertising but never watched it. I think I should then if he’s in it! It’s popped up on my Netflix a few times.

        I think at some point we have to stop blaming our parents for who we are, but I accept that not everyone is like that. He’s one such example.

        Liked by 1 person

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