The Saysell Cup


On 1st October 2017, some of the old boys from Slindon College agreed to get together for a football match in my husband’s honour as he had to ‘retire’ from his teaching and pastoral duties at the college due to his cancer treatment and long period of convalescence, the reason why we took our year-long sabbatical.  Unfortunately, we were in Alicante at the time and couldn’t attend this very thoughtful and touching event, but our son was there and we were able to FaceTime and talk to a few of them after the match.  The old boys were keen to make this an annual event, regardless of how far away the live now and family commitments, and, luckily, this time round, not only were we able to attend, but also Adonis felt stronger enough to referee the match (something he couldn’t have dreamt of doing this time last year); after all that’s what he used to do all those years as an after-school activity and the reason why the Saysell Cup came to be.

And so, the Blues (Hercules)  and the Reds (Samson) did battle on a football pitch in Chichester for old times’ sake and a bit of fun, not forgetting the Saysell Cup!

Adonis refereeing match running along with old boys
The old boys in action
After the match, getting ready to present the Saysell Cup


And the winning team were the Blues (Hercules) by an amazing 9-5, so it was a very exciting game indeed.

Hercules Captain, Josh Gibbs, being presented with The Saysell Cup, this year round by Mr S himself!


Hercules, the Proud winning team, with the Saysell Cup

And here I must make a special mention of the young man who organised it all, the one and only Max Parker (third from left in front on picture above these lines).  Thank you so much, Max: this meant a lot to Mr S!  And thank you also to all the players for their hard work on the pitch and for travelling from far and wide to be there, as well as to all the wives, girlfriends and friends and colleagues who attended the event.

Needless to say we were delighted to be there yesterday, even in proper cold, windy and wet British weather (to make the occasion even more authentic, I am sure) and it was a very happy couple of hours, giving us an opportunity to catch up with old students and colleagues alike and make new acquaintances too.

Here are a few more of the happy snaps I took.

Hercules and Samson posing with referee: Just like the good old times! Beautiful!
Even the rain and cold weather didn’t put old boys and colleagues off. What are umbrellas for, eh?  Our son, PJ, keeping dry on the right.
The teams with some old colleagues, wives girlfriends and pets!
Spot the difference!


12 thoughts on “The Saysell Cup

    1. Thank you, Marian. Isn’t it sweet? As a teacher, I can’t think of a greater honour than your students getting together of their own free will, in their own time and paying out of their own pockets to be there to do something especially for you, rain or shine. How beautiful and selfless is that?


    1. Haha! Thank you, Alexis. I think I mentioned Peter’s illness when we set off after he was given the all clear In July 2017, but I am not sure if you were following my blog then. I will pass on your kind comment to him: he’d love that. And don’t forget I call him Adonis!!! 😃👍


      1. I did follow your blog back then, for sure. Although, wasn’t that also that time when you were switching out blogs or changing domains? I’m not sure. Maybe it just slipped me. Back then I wasn’t keeping up as well as I am now, haha. My WordPress app now has an “enable” button so your posts are added to my notifications. 😆

        Adonis’ head is going to swell bigger than a pumpkin!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I changed the blog a few months before that and it’s only recently that I got my own domain again. I am honoured that you have added me to your notifications: that’s very sweet. Thank you.
        Adonis has always adored praise and if his head gets any bigger he won’t fit through the camper door! 😂😂😂


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