They don’t come any more fairy-tale than this!

Leaving impressive Orléans, we headed slightly south east to Sully-sur-Loire and stopped at the lovely free motorhome aire, which boasts great facilities and only 600 metres from the fairy-tale château.  

Very convenient and free motorhome aire a Sully-sur-Loire

Whilst there, we visited the very popular Food Fair (la Foire Gourmande) in the nearby grounds and bought a bottle of Armagnac (hopefully it will keep till Christmas), a bottle of Floc (already gone), a bottle of fine Corbières (safely put away for a special occasion) and some snails to enjoy for lunch the next day, and very nice they were too, if a little salty for my liking.

Plenty of good food and drink on offer at the food fair
We just couldn’t resist another bottle of delicious Armagnac


I thoroughly enjoyed my walk with Beano in the château park and grounds and got carried away taking photos of this most enchanting of castles, but decided not to visit the interior this time as we had only recently visited the amazing Château de Cheverny and it would have been too much château overload.  Maybe another time…

Walking around the Château park and grounds
Fit for Disney princess!
I love those towers, but look at the sky!
It made me think of Shrek and Princess Fiona!  I wonder if anyone is trapped there now!
14th century keep



We went out for an evening meal and even in the dark this château is utterly beautiful!

Pure magic!


12 thoughts on “Sully-sur-Loire

    1. We’ve seen about 10 and they are all different and beautiful in their own way. I don’t think the interior of Sully-sur-Loire is as grandiose as say Chambord or Cheverny, but the outside is very impressive. We still want to see Beauregard for its unique portraits. Maybe next time we are in the area.


    1. Most of the Châteaux on the Loire Valley are in very good condition and they are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, but I agree that this one in particular is absolutely stunning and in perfect nick. We were lucky to be there on a very sunny day with blue skies, which makes for better photographs, although I must say it was also breathtaking at night and full of magic. You’d love it: great setting for a haunting story!


      1. I think I need to hurry up and make my way over there to soak up all the inspiration. I’m glad that so many of those castles are now open to the public. Can you imagine if they were all still shut up so some Lord could live there and leave us in suspense.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. The French wouldn’t have it: they were the first to get rid of the Monarchy! 👍And yes, you must definitely come over to this amazing and beautiful continent, so full of diversity and wonder! 😉


      3. They cost a fortune to maintain and this is why they open to the public. Cheverny still belongs to the same original family (600 years) and they still live there in one of the wings not open to the public. Even Buckingham and Windsor Palaces are open to visitors and they belong to the British Royal Family!!!


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