Last few days of autumn break

Adonis trying a landscape mode on camera

Leaving fairytale Sully-sur-Loire behind us on Sunday morning, we continued north for the aire at Raucourt, north of Montargis, but it was just a car park and to say we didn’t like it would be an understatement, so we carried onwards and northwards to Souppes, which had a lovely aire on the marina, but unfortunately, there was a very unpleasant and nauseating stink in the air coming from a nearby factory and I found it impossible to stay.  Slightly further north,  we found ourselves at another marina at Nemours, on the Canal du Loing, and that’s where we spent Sunday afternoon and night.  Despite being very cold and windy, I thoroughly enjoyed my walk with Beano along the river and the town itself looked very pretty too.  Sadly, I had left my phone behind and couldn’t take any photos, but just before nightfall, we had the most amazing and beautiful murmuration of starlings right outside our window and I managed to take a couple of snaps of this most fabulous of dances in the sky, even if they turned out a bit blurry.

The stunning and playful murmuration of starlings right outside our window at Nemours

After Nemours, we tried to stop in the Fontainebleau Forest, but sadly there is nothing available for motorhomes, so, after doing a shop at Leclerc outside Étampes, we stopped at gorgeous medieval and quaint Nogent-le-Roi (north of Chartres and near Dreux), another brilliant free aire with water and electricity.  It was still very cold and windy and we didn’t venture out except to walk Beano; a pity, for I would have loved to have gone into the beautiful town to admire the medieval houses and stroll gently and leisurely along the streets, but perhaps we can return in better weather to enjoy its ancient delights and hopefully take some photos.  This is definitely a place to remember for future reference.

Neufchâtel-en-Bray seemed the next best option for us in this cold weather, as it feels like a campsite with large pitches, a shower block and washing machines.  I was due to do another laundry wash and it seemed like a good idea to do it there and then rather than wait until we got back home in the UK.  We did a bit of shopping  at Leclerc and tried to find some colourful wine glasses to replace the ones broken along the way, but they don’t seem to do them any more.  We also tried Centrakor and La Four’Fouille, but to no avail.  The search continues….   However, the dog walk along la Voie Verte is still delightful and this is a very pleasant town and aire to spend the last few days of our autumn holidays. 

Idyllic views along the Voie Verte at Neufchâtel-en-Bray

That could only be followed by Wissant, so convenient for our crossing in the Eurotunnel from Calais and, as it happens, it was a lovely warm and sunny day and there were lots of people walking on the promenade or simply relaxing on the beach and it is always heartwarming to see England in the horizon.

Long shadows at Wissant 

Once back in West Sussex, England, we set up the motorhome at the farm ready to spend the rest of the autumn and the arrival of winter and, as the weather was quite pleasant, we even ventured out with the awning and wind-blockers hoping the fair weather would last.

A very bucolic setting

And gorgeous sunsets

We have continued with our Sunday morning walks and loved the stunning autumn colours at Fairmile Bottom near Arundel, where we used to come frequently years ago.

Stunning autumn colours at Fairmile Bottom, West Sussex
Autumn leaves

And we have also enjoyed some fabulous walks by the sea!

Beautiful light at Climping Beach, West Sussex

Climping Beach

Making the most of my oven, I have continued with my love for baking and made a lovely traditional Victoria sponge with strawberry jam filling: yummy!

Victoria sponge with strawberry jam filling

In a different order of things, a dear friend and colleague has recently become a grandmother and it gave me great pleasure to crochet a baby blanket for the new beautiful and precious arrival.

A baby blanket for a very special arrival

12 thoughts on “Last few days of autumn break

    1. Beautiful area. I know you wrote about Fontainebleau before and I really wanted to stop there as we were on its doorstep, but it wasn’t to be. Unusually for France, there was nowhere to spend the night for motorhomes. We must try again.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. One good thing about the traveling life (among many) – If you don’t like where you are or what you see, you can move on to . . . lovely places like Fontainebleau. 🙂

    Your gift of a quilt is lovely. Unfortunately, I never learned to crochet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Never too late to learn. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube, but by far the best are from The Crochet Crowd. I am sure you have other craft skills too. I can’t knit or quilt and I would love to leatn, but you can always make something beautiful with a needle and thread.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Technically, that trip is over, but we are still living in motorhome and Peter has gone back to work. That autumn trip was during the school half-term. We are off again on 27th December!!!! 😃


      1. Mhm…don’t try to downplay it. You’re both vagabonds on the road haha. Does your son ever make it with you guys?

        I’m resigning from my part time position in less than a week, so hopefully I have more time to take a few roadtrips. However, I’m also saving up to buy another house next year so it will be quite the balancing act!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Indeed we are. My son lives nearby and we meet up quite often. In fact, I only saw him this morning!
        I am pleased you’re freeing up some time for yourself: I am sure your quality of live will improve and I wish you all the best with the purchase of your new house. 👍


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