Building up to Christmas in pictures

The weather has turned much colder in the last couple of weeks and it is beginning to feel a lot more like Christmas.  I usually start my ‘seasonal’ shopping in early December, but, as I have lots of time on my hands at the moment, I ventured into Chichester in late November and was surprised to find it all lit up already and some early shoppers like myself.  And very pretty it was too.

My first shopping spree early on a Tuesday morning in Chichester all lit up for Christmas
The Cross, near the Cathedral

A favourite meeting point in Chichester

One of the things I bought that day was an Advent Calendar for the motorhome as December was fast approaching.

Adonis trying to find the first window to open on our 2018 Advent Calendar
Success! 1st December’s surprise revealed!

And December always starts with mince pies in our house, so I was quick to bake our first batch of the year!

Delicious home-made mince pies

Exploring our surroundings and choosing a pub for a Sunday drink. 

Our walks offer many choices: which way shall we go?  Decisions, decisions…

A change in the weather was afoot!

A very frosty Tuesday morning and it is beginning to look very Christmassy!

Beano and I ventured into the cold and frosty morning and were glad to see our neighbours safe and sound.  I wonder who sits on the wicker chair?

Our neighbours across the road waiting for their breakfast

I was also very happy to see that one of the mini cyclamen plants I bought last year in Condom, southern France, not only survived all extreme weather 2018 threw at us, from the Beast from the East in late January and early February and -8C to the summer heatwave at 39C, from Portugal to Holland and everything in between, but it also started to flower again!  This plant is a survivor, if ever I saw one.  I will cherish it.

Last week, I popped into Bognor Regis to see a dear friend and I took a few moments to enjoy the attractive Marine Park Gardens on the seafront.

Marine Park Gardens in Bognor Regis
I simply love these pavilions so evocative of the Victorian era

There is nothing better than a cushion and a blanket after those long walks.

It’s good night from Beano, all ready for a cold December night

And finally, it was time for me to make some Christmas cards!  But who will be the lucky recipient of this one?

Amazing what you can find on YouTube!

6 thoughts on “Building up to Christmas in pictures

    1. I learned to bake these lovely delicacies during my first Christmas in the UK and I simply must make them every year or it doesn’t feel like Christmas. Shop-bought are also very nice, though. We also make our greeting cards for each other for birthdays, etc: they are more personal that way.
      Thank you again for your kind comment. 💖

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It is. Not too big, but with great character and plenty of original and independent shops. I didn’t have any pastry cutters or icing sugar for the mince pies, so I did another batch last week and they looked much better. Thank you for the kind comment, though. 💖


    1. Thank you for taking the time to look at this old post. Christmas is a beautiful time of year and I love to see all those decorations wherever you go.
      Mince pies are one of the many delightful discoveries I made in the UK back in 1985 and I and soon learned to make my own, as well as the Xmas cakes.
      And I agree about Beano in his blanket too! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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