As planned, after leaving lovely Donzac, we stopped at the free motorhome aire in Montguyon, in the department of Charente Maritime, which proved to be a very pretty and interesting little village with the ruins of a castle on top of a hill that just demanded to be climbed and explored.  

I first went up on my very pleasant afternoon walk with Beano and then returned with Adonis for a more leisurely look around and found that the fortified site of the original castle dated back to the 11th century, but the present fortress itself was built in the 13th century, belonging to Le Seigneur Milon de Montguyon, who took part in the Crusades between 1220 and 1240, but it also has a connection with Jeanne d’Arc as one of her companions rescued it from the English in 1451.  In February 1793 it was hit by lightening causing a fire and, sadly, the ruined castle was left abandoned for 2 centuries. To add to its woes, in January 1982, a part of the keep facing the village collapsed after a seismic tremor. If only stones could talk…

The fire damage is quite obvious here

It is now a collection of ravaged walls and a still impressive tower and entrance gate, but we still enjoyed a couple more features, like a well and a steep staircase leading all the way down.  It also afforded lovely views of the village below and the blue, cloudless skies  made it all the prettier.  

The ancient well

a steep and treacherous staircase

Here are a few more photos I took.  I hope you like them.

Approaching the main entrance

The entrance gate

Plaque explaining the history of the fortress

A different view taken from the well

But Montguyon Fortress still stands proud in a cloudless sky!

The village of Montguyon is very well equipped with all kinds of shops and the aire itself is by the sports ground, very large and on a hard-standing chalky surface with free toilets, a drive-through drain and a borne for emptying the toilet cassette. We spent a very enjoyable afternoon and peaceful night here and I am sure we will return.

12 thoughts on “Montguyon

  1. Of all your exotic photos, I focused on the well. Why? It was the centerpiece of an Easter pageant at my church. The well as gathering place, the well where Jesus spoke kindly to the Samaritan woman.

    Enjoyable days and peaceful nights: You have a blessed life! 🙂

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    1. It was a a beautiful and very deep well, almost scary to look down. It makes perfect sense for a well to be the centerpiece of a gathering, as water is the bringer and substance of life. Thank you again for your observations and kind comments: you know they are always appreciated. 💖

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    1. Thank you, Alison. There wasn’t a great lot to see, but you got the sense of History. It is mind boggling to think about the events that took place here almost 1000 years ago. Also, how well these constructions were built. We couldn’t do that now. Fascinating!

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