Slindon Village Fête

Slindon Village Fête in full swing

On the day prior to filming last week (Saturday 25th May), we took some time to wonder and enjoy the various displays at the Slindon Village Fête held in the grounds of Slindon College, just as we did last year. The weather was gorgeous and there was a great turnout enjoying all the exhibits and stalls.

The first thing that caught our eye was the school’s Green Power cars that are driven and maintained by the students and which are entered for regular competitions at several venues throughout the year, not least the Goodwood Green Power Race, Chichester, often achieving very good results.

Slindon College’s Green Power Cars

Then there were the Army and Airforce Cadets displays. And who doesn’t love a Spitfire?

These were near the willow sculptures built by a local artist and the students a couple of years ago.

Nice place to shelter from the hot sun

But the most impressive display has to be the Classic Cars all lined up outside the beautiful Slindon House. I am not a Classic Car connoisseur, but one can’t help but be impressed by the immaculate condition of these beauties of the past.

Adonis admiring the classic cars display
And he was rather taken by this Austin Healey
But I loved this Renault 2CV as it reminded me of my childhood. Check out that surfboard!
But this Riley wasn’t bad either!
Alpha Romeo anyone?
Or maybe you are an MG fan
I quite liked seeing the heart of the MG
And that’s just so cool!

I’ll take this one, please!

But it wasn’t just about the fancy cars, as there was plenty of other entertainment too, like the Coconut Shy:

The Dog Show:

The Brass Band:

The cake and preserves stall inside the building, in the hall where we used to hold the school assemblies, hymn practice and Christmas dinners (all very happy memories):

And the most delightful ice-cream van I have ever seen, which even won a prize on the day:

And after so much fun, one got rather thirsty, so we indulged in some local refreshment.

Cheers from Slindon Village Fête. A perfect way to end a wonderful afternoon

9 thoughts on “Slindon Village Fête

  1. I like all of your pictures, especially the car display. When I watch period dramas like Downton Abbey, I always watch for the spectacle of the shiny, classic car. Thanks for sharing this, Fatima. Love the hat too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad you like the photos. There was so much to see and photograph, not all photos made it to the blog. This is a lovely traditional fête in truly gorgeous grounds and the building itself has been used for filming as well as weddings and it wouldn’t be out of place on Downton Abbey. Thank you for your comment and input here, very much appreciated, as always.


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