Gateway to Heaven

The Gate to Peace and Bliss

Just before life got hectic with the making of the short film Striativus, Adonis, Beano and I had plenty of opportunity to enjoy the glorious West Sussex sunshine and took our time during long walks in the gorgeous South Downs, practically on our doorstep.

Who is that mysterious figure in the middle?

On this particular sunny and warm Sunday morning in mid May, we decided to climb the hill at Fairmile Bottom, a favourite walk for us for many years, and enjoy the views from the top.

Thank goodness, only Adonis! Beano somewhere in the undergrowth
Approaching the rapeseed field on top of the hill
Rapeseed field at the top of Fairmile Bottom, looking out to sea
Simply glorious!

We took some time to savour the beauty of the view and serene surroundings before continuing through the forest to find more enigmatic features. Did we come across some secret society holding in which strange rituals are performed?

What is this puzzling circle around the trees with candles in the centre?
Could it be Witchcraft?

Bewildered, we left this peculiar setting behind, only to find more curious forms, but this time they were an offering from Mother Nature herself.

Some rogue branches trying to strangle a tree? Another setting for Lord of the Rings?

I leave you to make up your own minds, or even write a story based on these photos. I know I have…

14 thoughts on “Gateway to Heaven

    1. Yes, of course I remember your post about forest bathing, which is something we have always done. I refuse to live anywhere too far from forests or the sea, as where I grew up in northern Spain, we had both within walking distance. 👍

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