Over the last few years travelling through France in early July, we have often come across road closures and diversions due to Le Tour de France and we kept saying that we should really try and time it right and be somewhere we could actually watch this world famous bike race.  Well, this year was it and before we left the UK on our way to Austria, we decided that it would be a good idea to head for Alsace and stay a few days at stunning Kaysersberg, where Le Tour was scheduled to pass by on Wednesday afternoon, 10th July.

I have said it before in various platforms, but I will repeat here again that it is impossible to exaggerate the beauty of this picturesque little town, where just about every colourful half-timbered house, every building and every corner is  a photo demanding to be taken. We arrived 2 days early in order to ensure we got a place at the local motorhome aire after 3 days on the road, which gets a bit tiring after a while, and took our time to explore its streets once again (our first visit was in the summer 2012). This time we actually followed the recommended route on the map supplied by the Tourist Information Office, which gives a little explanation of the historic landmarks en route, and I lost myself taking pictures of the many beautiful buildings along the way.  It was very hard to choose which ones to share here, but I hope I can give you an idea of what this fairy tale land in Alsace looks like.

Rue du Général-de-Gaulle and Église Ste Croix
Place Jean Ittel
Église Ste Croix (13th-19th century)
Emperor Constantin Fountain and Ste Croix Church
You’ve got to love this Gingerbread Man!
Old Butcher’s – built in 1616

And it is not simply the buildings that are utterly gorgeous, but how about these shop signs too?

And there were also the iconic storks on rooftops, a symbol of Alsace.

15th century Tour de Kesslesturm and stork nest

We took a short break from the pretty streets to visit the small, but very interesting, Historical Museum, which is located in a 16th century building and features wonderful local exhibits from Neolithic artefacts through Roman finds, marvellous Medieval sculptures – my favourite being an exquisite polychrome wood carving of Jesus on a donkey on Palm Sunday from the 15th century – to some pharmaceutical and scientific equipment belonging to the 1952 Nobel Peace Prize winner Albert Schweitzer, a doctor and philosopher among other things, born in Kaysersberg.  This is a museum not to be missed if you visit this fabulous town (entry is free of charge).

Exquisite 15th century polychrome wood carving of Jesus on a Donkey on Palm Sunday at he Historical Museum

We spent 3 glorious days in Kaysersberg, which culminated with the famous cycling race on Wednesday afternoon, as expected, but I am leaving that for next time, as I think it deserves a blog entry all of its own.

The view from the motorhome aire

12 thoughts on “Kaysersberg

  1. You two are savvy travelers and know the importance of timing. I’m glad you got “front row seats” for the tour de France. I’d love to stroll through the town, which looks like a picture from a fairy tale. The sculpture of Jesus on the donkey looks a little odd, perhaps quaint, but I guess therein lies its charm. It looks like you are enjoying wonderful weather. Thanks for treating me to a “visit”! 🙂

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    1. We too thought the sculpture of Jesus on the donkey was a bit odd and had never seen anything like it before, that’s why it caught my eye. Glad you enjoyed the tour and I hope you can come and see it sometime. 👍❤

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  2. I haven’t been blogging for about a month because I was working on this year’s trip to Europe. We love Kayserberg and will be heading back there the first week in September. As a matter of fact, it looks like we will be covering a lot of the same ground as you. I’ll try to catch up with your other posts soon. 😀

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  3. That sounds great. Alsace is a beautiful region, as is Bavaria. In the end, we didn’t go as far as Austria as intended, but stayed just north of the border in Germany, as we found a marvellous site at Alpsee, near Immenstadt. Enjoy your trip.


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