Tour de France in Kaysersberg

Our last day in Kaysersberg culminated with the exciting build-up to the world-famous Tour De France cycle race.  I am sure that, like me, many of you must have watched it on TV since childhood, so it was very special to see it for real, especially in such a stunning town and region of France.

We had an early lunch and, seeing that everyone from the motorhome aire was taking their camping chairs for the event, we followed suit and found a lovely spot to sit and and wait for the next couple of hours.

Gorgeous flower display to wait for the cyclists
The crowd building up along the road

What I didn’t know was that, long before the cyclists make an appearance, there are all kinds of vehicles from the race sponsors advertising their products and throwing all sorts of little gifts for the spectators to catch.  One of the big sponsors is Vittel water and I was lucky enough for a large bag to land at my feet.  Of course, I didn’t know what it was when I first got it, as it was all neatly folded up, but on opening it, I discovered it was a large carrier bag made from 100% recycled plastic, which I soon put to good use.  It couldn’t have been a more perfect memento for me: I shall treasure it!

One of the many sponsors of the race
My brand new 100% recycled plastic bag already put to good use

Many other vehicles went past, all very imaginative and humorous, which delighted children and grown-ups alike and, despite the mayhem, I managed to photograph some of them.

We all loved this humorous advertising displays on the pre-race parade
Great for kids of all ages!
Some official merchandise for sale

But of course, the day was all about the race and we were all very happy and excited when the first rider came through, preceded by escorting motorised police and shortly followed by the Peloton.  It all went very quickly, but this time it was Adonis who came trumps with his fancy Cannon camera and captured some great shots of the cyclists.  I hope you enjoy them.

We knew from the sight of these motorised police and the clamour of the crowd down the road that the cyclists were fast approaching
The Peloton

Close behind the cyclists are the very important support vehicles for  each team with spare bikes and professionals to help those riders in need, a very integral and iconic part of this race.

Supporting vehicle with spare bikes

And with that, it was all over.  We thought the best way to follow such excitement and happy event on our last day in Kaysersberg was to treat ourselves to a special meal and we settled for La Vieille Forge, just off the main street, where we had come in the summer of 2012 and had been very impressed by it.  Not surprisingly, it is now a Michelin restaurant and the meal was just as innovative and delicious as the first time: a perfect way to end our visit to this delightful town.

12 thoughts on “Tour de France in Kaysersberg

    1. Have you ever seen it live? It was so weird and exciting to see it for real after watching it on TV for over 40 years! And I had no idea of everything that comes about 2 hours before the riders! Totally bonkers! 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh yes several times my family is a hard die fan we have been at Pau thus and near me it past by St Avé, I did a blog on it. Great race, I have a preview of this years race too in my blog; Cheers


      2. you must see the next stage 14 Tarbes to col de Tourmalet. the history of it is fascinating as the peak obtained its nobility in 1675, when Madame de Maintenon and the Duke of Maine as a child crossed it for the first time to “take the waters” of Barèges. Following this route, the road was laid out in 1688; and built in 1730.


    1. They cycle for about 8 hours a day, up and down mountains in the scorching heat of the summer, with speeds of up to 100 km an hour! My husband manages 2 hours at best and he has all the fancy gear! I don’t even try! 😂


  1. Lucky you – a front row seat at the action – and the festivities. Good for you in the recycling bit! It looks like the weather was absolutely beautiful, a bonus!

    The cyclists are a good example of focusing on the goal! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Early bird gets the worm! I think we probably had the best seat in town!
      I am paranoid about senseless waste and recycling. I’ve been recycling since the mid 80s when it all first started in the UK, but always had my own shopping bags, even as children growing up in the 70s when we did our chores for my parents we always re-used glass bottles and had our own bags.
      We have also been very lucky with the weather: hardly any rain at all and warm all the way for the last 2 weeks.
      And yes, you can see the concentration and hard work on the face of those cyclists; they all deserve a medal in my opinion.
      Thank you again for your insightful comments. 👍❤


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