Breisach am Rhein

Breisach am Rhein

On leaving stunning Kaysersberg,  we headed for Breisach am Rhein, right on the French/German border between Colmar and Freiburg, with the intention of staying at the Stellplatz (motorhome aire in other words), but the centre of town was blocked due to major renovation works and we couldn’t get through with the motorhome on the narrower roads, so we were forced to make a u-turn and head back into France over the river again and stopped at the aire in Volgelgrun, next to the bridge that separates the two countries.  This is a Camping-Car Park aire, for which we have a pre-paid card, and it looked quite new, on gravel and with level pitches, but we couldn’t work out the system for obtaining water.  Nevertheless, this is a very pleasant stop-over within easy walk of Breisach and we took a couple of hours in the afternoon to stroll along the river and admire the various river cruise ships (something which is still on my bucket list).

Crossing the river Rhine from France into Germany, a simple stroll away
Pretty vineyards flanking the walk into town
Some of the river cruisers on the Rhine. One day…!
Lovely flower displays too

We then walked uphill to visit the impressive St Stephan Münster on top of the imposing hill, commanding great views of the town below and the Alps beyond. 

Walk back from the harbour into town
St Stephan Münster
Hagenbachturm, a former prison, first mentioned in 1319
unusual vault
Great views of the town and the Alps beyond

Afterwards, we walked back to the main square and sat outside one of the many cafés and ice-cream outlets and ordered a beer after having waited for about 10 minutes for the waiter to turn up.  Having placed our order, we waited and we waited for our beers to be served, but gave up after about 20 minutes, feeling very hot, thirsty and annoyed, and we walked back to France for the nice cold beers waiting for us in the fridge (much quicker than waiting for the hopeless waiter).  We think we found the winner fo the ‘Slowest and Most Incompetent Waiter in Europe Ever Prize’!  However, it was lovely to see the children playing in the fountains that spring from the ground, getting all wet to cool off in the heat and generally having a wonderful time.

I simply love these decorative signs so typical of this area

The next morning we set off again for the short drive to Schluchsee, only to find signs warning of a Triathlon the next day with the subsequent closure of the Stellplatz, so we had to drive a little further down south to Höchenschwand, where we parked by the Natursportzentrum, offering all kinds of sports and a spa.  It was full with caravans and Irish travellers, but we managed to find a pitch to park and we spent a very quiet afternoon and night.  We thoroughly enjoyed our walks in the forest and a spot of bird watching that included a number of very impressive Red Kites:  absolutely lovely!

Wonderful forest walk at Höchenschwand
And lovely views
And what do you think of this comic sculpture? When you’ve gotta go…

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    1. Peter’s not that keen, but I’d love to go on a cruise at least once in my lifetime. The longest trip I’ve done on a ship was the ferry from Portsmouth to Bilbao, 36 hours: very nice, with lovely restaurants, shops and small swimming pool in bottom deck, but not the same.

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