Alpsee, Bühl, Allgäu

The Alpsee at Bühl

Leaving the wonderful Bodensee behind, we continued east towards Immenstadt to have a look at Alpsee, as, according to our map, it seemed to have facilities for bathing and sailing and the reviews on social media forums were very good.  Indeed, when we got there, we were very pleased to find a beautiful 4* campsite with direct access to the lake by a coded gate, as well as boasting a beautiful infinity pool with great views of the lake and mountains beyond and a free sauna area from Mondays to Wednesday, but costing €6 from Thursdays to Sundays.  We really liked our large pitch with a view and, although we had originally booked for only 3 days to give us a break from the road, we were so impressed by the site’s first class facilities, that we extended our stay for a whole week, making this our main luxurious treat of the 7-week trip, at €46 the night.

Our pitch with a lovely view at Alpsee Camping
The pool area
The marvellous infinity pool

There a lots to do here and, apart from swimming in the stunning lake, we also went on a morning cycle ride around it, as well as a hike in the mountains and a walk into Immenstadt itself for a bit of shopping, where a small street market was being held, giving it a very lively atmosphere.  We bought some fruit and kebabs for the BBQ for that evening, as it had been very hot.  In fact, heat has been the order of the day for the last 2 weeks!

Stunning views on our cycle ride
A pretty chapel en route
More alpine beauty
The hiking route up the hill. We just had to try it!
The beginning of the climb
Getting steeper
And steeper
A lovely front garden at the top
And the reward of a stunning view of the Alps. We just knew it would be worth the climb!
And the wildflower meadows weren’t bad either!
Can you imagine these trees covered in snow at Christmas?
Simply beautiful
An old chapel in the woods, but who prays here?

On the lake, there are all kinds of non-motor activities like sailing, windsurf, pedalos or kayaking, all quiet and environmentally friendly, but we were quite contented with the swimming, both in the lake and the infinity pool.

Facilities at Bühl
The concert stage
The pedalos
The Pier
And yes, we walked to the end!
View from pier

After our initial 3 days, we had to change pitches as ours had already been allocated to other campers, but we didn’t have to move very far, only 4 pitches along the same lane.  We were surprised, however, when at midday on Sunday, one of the receptionist came to our pitch calling out saying we were due to vacate that day by 12 and, although I tried to argue with her that we had booked it until Monday, she was most adamant we had to leave as the new campers had arrived and were waiting at reception.  Again, I repeated that someone must have made a mistake as when I extended our stay, I had said we would be leaving on Monday, but she wouldn’t hear of it and we were forced to pack quickly and vacate our pitch.  She did offer a different pitch, but we said we had already moved once and that if we had to move again, we might as well leave altogether.  With that, we started to pack up immediately, Adonis busying himself on the outside and myself concentrating on the inside.   Once all packed, after 20 minutes or so (the fastest packing up ever), I went to settle the bill, which came up to €279 for 6 days, and left the site soon after 12.30 pm with the new arrivals already lurking around discussing which direction their caravan should face or perhaps making a point that we were late leaving.  Who knows?  That was a real shame as our lovely stay ended on a bitter note because of someone’s inefficiency with a simple booking, but then again, it could all have been lost in translation: we shall never know.  Nevertheless, this is still a marvellous site worthy of a few days’ stay and I’m sure we’ll use it again if we happen to be in the area.

Beautiful even with a cloudy sky

Luckily, we didn’t have long to go before we found another lake with a motorhome aire about 15km east at Gruntensee, closer to Kempen.  The aire cost €10, to be paid at machine with coins only, and it is only a short walk to the lake, which was very pleasant and quiet, and we were glad to have found such a lovely place to stay without having had to drive for too long.  One must always be grateful for small mercies. 

13 thoughts on “Alpsee, Bühl, Allgäu

  1. What I wouldn’t do for scenery like this! All the photos are wonderful, but I especially liked the hiking trails and the infinity pool, which I agree is marvelous.

    You are in good shape and healthy; many of my friends are not. Here’s to continual VIGOR!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you again, Marian. I am sure you gave some stunning scenery in the USA too and I hope you’ll find the time to enjoy the walking trails available near you. Cycling and swimming are great forms of exercise, but I do miss my Zumba and Booty Barre classes! ❤👍

      Liked by 1 person

  2. what grand weather and scenery

    stinks to have been forced out

    had that happen to me before (not with an rv, but getting forced off a spot still stinks)

    you guys are truly good sports to not have stood your ground (and swore or threatened)

    so glad you had moved to another area close by that still had a swell view

    great pics shared

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I believe that being polite and civilised is the best way forward. I don’t like confrontations and violence and, at the end of the day, it isn’t really worth it: there are plenty of other places to visit in the area and having the motorhome gives us that flexibility. Thanks for the empathy. 👍❤

      Liked by 1 person

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