Immenstadt im Allgäu

Square with St Nikolaus church

As my post on Alpsee wast getting rather crowded with pictures, I thought it might be better to share some snaps of this lovely little old town in southern Bavaria, first mentioned in 1275, and, like any old town that’s worth its mettle, Immnenstadt has seen its ups and downs during its long history, but it is now a prosperous tourist destination.

St Nikolaus church

I mentioned on my post last week that we came here to do a bit of shopping and to look around and we really liked what we saw, as it was quite lively with a street market and lots of people enjoying a drink on a very warm morning. Here are a few images for you to enjoy:

A buy square and St Josef’s church
Fountain on square and street market

There are a few interesting sculptures around town celebrating historical trades, especially mountain farming.

Sculptures representing farming life

I am sure Immenstadt would also make a fabulous winter destination and I would love to see it in the snow and try those chair lifts! Perhaps I should add ‘Learn to Ski’ to my bucket list!

6 thoughts on “Immenstadt im Allgäu

  1. I can trace my family ancestry back to Switzerland, specifically Langnau and Berne. Our Longenecker family still living there runs a dairy farm. When we visited, their milk was so pure, they weren’t required to pasteurize it. Yes, we heard cow bells in the distance, making their presence know.

    You are in beautiful countryside now, Fatima.

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    1. What a beautiful area to originate from! It always reminds me of Heidi and her sick friend, Laura, who recovered from her illness in the mountains: you can’t beat the country air for health benefits! And I’m certain that milk was as pure and healthy as it can be. And yes, we heard those bells too!
      We are no longer there as we’re back in France making our slow journey back home. Back in the UK on 26th. ❤

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