Wangen, Allgäu

St Martin Church Tower

Following our night stop at convenient Gruntensee, we started heading west again for another short drive to beautiful Wangen, between Kempten and Ravensburg, where we stayed for 2 days at the pleasant aire by the river within easy walk to town.  We came here back in the summer of 2011 and had loved the gorgeous buildings and original human fountains dotted all around the town, so we went looking for them and found some that we hadn’t seen back then.

The Towers:

Rathaus (Townhall) in Marktplatz
St Martins-Tor or Lindaur Tor
From the other side
Frauen Torplatz

It was lovely to see Wangen in the sun this time, as it had been raining on our first visit 8 years ago and we took our time to wander along the streets and photograph all the distinctive buildings, gates, shop signs and, of course the famous fountains.  Here is a selection of them; I hope you’ll like them.

The buildings:

Unusual and attractive frescos in Herrenstraße
eye-catching café
One of many elaborate shop signs in town
Wangen celebrating international culture

And here are the fountains:

Bathtime!: The first fountain we came across along the river from motorhome aire into town
Aren’t those faces just marvellous?
This one invites you to quiet meditation
This humorous fountain representing Allgauers spits at you when you least expect it!
Don’t get too close!
This fountain is based on Aesop’s fable about the old man, the child and the donkey, being criticised by the people they meet on the road
Exquisite details of fountain
This fountain represents various old trades and a mixture of people and had moving parts at elbow joints on figures
Simply marvellous

Isn’t it lovely?

This is a link to my original post of 2011 if you’d like more information about the fountains of Wangen.

9 thoughts on “Wangen, Allgäu

  1. Such gorgeous photos! I liked the various close-ups so I could see more detail.

    What were the four guys laying on top of each other? They looked like drunks celebrating too much, but were dressed like soldiers.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. I know the workmanship matches the beauty of these buildings and architecture. Thanks for bringing all this up close and personal. Your camera lens and a home on “wheels” makes all this possible. You are certainly blessed! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you again for your insightful and kind comments, Marian. I only use my cell phone camera now as it is a lot easier to upload images that way. And yes, the craftsmanship on the buildings and sculptures on fountains are nothing short of superb. I do think I am blessed and never take anything for granted.


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