Wut-Öschingen and Corre

Welcome shade in apple orchard at Wut-Öschingen

On leaving Wangen, we continued westwards heading for France, but being a very hot day, we cut our journey short and had one more stop in Germany at a very pretty Stellplatz in an apple orchard in Wut-Öschingen, on the edge of the Black Forest.  This is a superb stopper site with large pithes under the apple trees, with showers and washing machines available, as well as 100 litres of water for €1.  The pitch, to include 2 adults, cost €8 and electricity was a further €2.  It happened to be Adonis’s birthday and I made a pizza to celebrate and, given that the temperatures were in the mid 30sC even in the evening, I can confirm now once and for all that I am officially totally bonkers!

Adonis celebrating his birthday

The owners came out with their dog in the evening to water the orchard and we managed a short conversation in my limited German, but they were very friendly and I hope this new venture of theirs will take off, for they have put a lot of effort, and no doubt invested a lot of money, to turn their property into a very welcoming and attractive site for motorhomers.

No joke!

We finally crossed back into France on a very hot day and were very glad to find available parking for motorhomes – although not an aire strictly speaking – at marvellous Étang de Malsaucy, about 5km north of Belfort.  There were other motorhomes parked at the far end by some trees and large shrubs providing some shade and we went to join them.  This turned out to be more of a wild camping spot, something we hadn’t done for a while, but it was more than adequate for one night.  The lake itself was very busy with families trying to keep cool on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year, so much so in fact, that an announcement was made on the loudspeakers on the lake to warn people that there was an orange weather alert and to be careful with the sun and the heat.  I had never heard that before in all our years motorhoming!  People of all ages were still swimming at sunset, which was rather nice, but these high temperatures are definitely worrying.

A very busy lake, even in the evening.
Beano keeping watch over me as I relaxed in the shade
Our lovely and shady spot

The next day, we went a little further northwest to Corre in the Haut-Saône department, and booked for 3 days at the Capitainerie to give Adonis a chance to do some fishing.  The fee here is now €11, but it includes electricity and showers in the pretty marina, as well as water and WiFi.

Corre’s Marina and Capitainerie in background

We had a huge lightning display to the east of here one night and we ended up watching the fantastic show from our bedroom window.  In fact, I fell asleep watching it!  What a marvellous experience!

A storm brewing up at the far end of motorhome aire
Lots of space around us, river in background

It rained very heavily the next morning, but I fear this is much needed after the last few weeks’ extreme high temperatures.  I managed to do some washing, but had to use the tumble drier, which I don’t normally use in summer.  I also cycled to the nearby Intermarché to get a baguette before the skies opened.  Lucky me!

On our last day, we had a lovely meal at the Marina Restaurant, Moules (mussels) Roquefort with chips for Adonis and chicken curry for me, all served with great flare by the owner’s young son, who was charming and very knowledgable, which added to our great enjoyment.

The Marina Restaurant: beautiful food and friendly service
Quirky metal decorations on wall by restaurant
Just a mysterious tower along the canal on what I presume must have been a wealthy private property.

4 thoughts on “Wut-Öschingen and Corre

  1. I’m tethered to home (and my computer) until my book launch in Jacksonville less than a month from now. Then, Cliff and I will cut loose and make the 2-day trip north to Lancaster, Pennsylvania for my book tour. In the meantime, you entertain me with you travel photo-snaps. Wonderful . . . and thank you, Fatima!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I bet you can’t wait until that day! Both events are really exciting and I know you’ve more than earned that break. Even if it is a work-related tour, I’m sure the trip will be a welcome holiday.
      I’m glad you’re enjoying our road trip, which is finishing today. Back to UK in a couple of hours. Thank you again for your kind words. ❤


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