New Discoveries in the Vendée and the Loire

The ramparts and Mélusine sculpture at Vouvant

Following our 5 relaxing days of cycling, fishing, walking, swimming, reading and crocheting at Dompierre-sur-Charente, we kept heading north and stopped at Vouvant, in the Vendée, another village classified as one of the most beautiful in France.  We stayed at the large motorhome aire by the cemetery and walked to the village to look around and stretch our legs.  It is indeed a very pretty village and we enjoyed our stroll through the streets and along the ancient ramparts, its Mélusine Tour and legend and the jaw-dropping stone carvings on the 11th century north portal arch of Notre-Dame de l’Assomption church, where an unusual glass artworks exhibition was being held with some amazing and beautiful portraits and landscapes. Unfortunately, the church itself was closed for major restoration works and we couldn’t see its interior. Maybe next time.

Mélusine Tour
The jaw-dropping 11th century north portal of Notre Dame de l’assumption Church
Very unusual stone carvings indeed on the main arch
And how about this capital on the right? I’ve never seen anything like it
Walking around the ancient ramparts
The figure of the mythical Mélusine, half woman, half fish or snake depending of version of story

The aire itself cost €5 a night, paid at the bakery in the square or to the guard who came round in the morning. It had water and emptying facilities, but no electricity.

The view of cemetery from our window at Vouvant’s motorhome aire

The next day, we continued north to the Loire Valley and stayed at Chouzé-sur-Loire, between Saumur and Chinon on the D952.  The motorhome aire here is free and very close to the church and village shops and only a short walk to the river, where we saw some old-fashioned boats taking tourists up and down with a guide giving out information onboard.  This is another lovely spot and one to remember for future reference.

Old-fashioned boats at Chouzé-sur-Loire
A popular guided tour down the river Loire

And I was rather taken with this charming and iconic old British telephone box used as a book-swapping facility. Isn’t it just brilliant? What a lovely surprise!

Classic British telephone box, but what is it doing in the Loire Valley?

8 thoughts on “New Discoveries in the Vendée and the Loire

  1. Great pictures ,Vendée birthplace of counter revolution! and the boats in the Loire are Béhuard! Indeed closest to me is my backyard when going for wines in the big Loire! Enjoy it ,its indeed beautiful area

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  2. That would make me think you were in England.
    I still feel like there are 2 phone boxes on one of the main roads 5 minutes from where I live – there isn’t. I just remember them there. I just saw one in cheshire oaks though. I wanted to try it and see if it worked….

    Love, light and glitter

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I think not, though I saw one last night and thought of you, I’m pretty certain that one actually worked because of where it was situated and not just for display (in the middle of a village, but not a square or anything)

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